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Friday, March 11, 2016

Aveniro - Real Czech Glass Files

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Hello, Fireflies!

You may have noticed... I love nails and nailart! I started this blog initially to share my love of nails, and then it grew into other things.  I've learned a lot about nail care along the way, and one of the most important tools for having nice nails is a good nail file!

My natural nails are very thin, and they bend and peel easily.  In addition to keeping them moisturized, filing the nails is so important to avoiding damage.  If you're still using metal nail files, I hope I can change your mind and get you to switch to crystal.  Metal drags on the nail, and leaves the edge damaged, and more likely to peel.  Rough files of any kind are all bad for my delicate nails.

It's widely known that the best crystal nail files are made in the Czech Republic, so when Aveniro, a Czech company, asked me if I wanted to try their nail files, I jumped at the chance!  I received a travel nail file and a regular nail file with gradient colored handles and plastic sleeves, a rhinestone-studded nail file in a velvet sleeve, and a glass double-sided manicure tool in a plastic storage tube.
These files are so pretty, and so well made.  I've never used a rhinestone-decorated file before, and I have to say, it's pretty snazzy!  In addition to being beautiful, they're also well made.  I knew that there was a difference between high-quality etched crytal files and cheaper files with the grit sprayed on, but I learned from my friend Erika's blog, Notes From My Dressing Table, that you can tell by looking at the base of the file if it's etched like these Aveniro files.  In the picture above, you can see that the file is beveled from the handle.  Aveniro uses chemical etching

The manicure stick is so nice, with a lovely heft to it.  I have been using plastic manicure sticks for awhile, and I couldn't believe how much cuticle came off my nail with this tool.  It was so easy to use, and I love the pointed end for cleaning up under the nail.
How could I not do nail file-inspired nail art?  The gradient nails are done with Revlon Tempting as the base color, with Sinful Colors Cherry Blossom and Starlet Fever making the pink and glitter gradient.  The accent nail is a white base with yellow and pink rhinestones.
In addition to these files, they have different sizes of files, and many different types of decorations.  You can even order custom files with photos or logos on them, or even ones decorated with ornamental glass or metal!  They really are craftsmen, with some of the workers having been in glasswork most of their lives.

I also thought it was pretty neat that Aveniro is working with their community to support several initiatives with children and the handicapped, including a music program and a camp.

Right now, Aveniro's website isn't set up for direct ordering, and they are geared towards larger, custom orders.  If you contact them, via their website, or Facebook, they can help you find a retailer in your area!  ETA:  You can buy their files directly from Classy Nail Files!

Have you discovered the joy of using a well-made crystal nail file?

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