Lit from Within: A Soft Place to Sit #coccyxpillow

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Soft Place to Sit #coccyxpillow

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Hello, Fireflies!

I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer.  I'm blogging, or doing Facebook, or playing games, or, my favorite - shopping.  I have spent a lot of time this "Black Friday" checking out all the amazing sales!  Instead of getting sore feet from walking around the stores, my tushie gets sore from sitting! Luckily, I have two cushions to tell you about that might help you if you get sore buttocks, too.

The donut-style cushion is probably a style many of us are familiar with. Made popular by the late-night TV ads of people suffering from hemorrhoids, I never knew they would be useful for anything else. If you have any issue, like pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, or just prolonged sitting, that would be helped by relieving pressure on the center of your Sitter, this pillow could be for you.  
This donut cushion is so easy to inflate.  It come with a little pump, but you can also inflate it by mouth.  The valve tucks in afterwards, so it doesn't get in the way.  It has a flocked cover that doesn't squeak or move around like rubber covers do, is machine-washable, and is soft and comfortable to sit on.  The pressure is adjustable, depending on how much it is inflated.

For me, it wasn't the perfect solution, though.  It's a little small for my wider load, and I couldn't distribute my weight evenly to relieve the pressure I get on my lower back and tailbone.  I might still play around with the level of air pressure to see if it can work for places that have small, hard chairs, like concert or auditorium seating.  Because it's inflatable, it's really travel-friendly.  It would make a great companion on long flights or car trips, or to keep in a drawer at the office for days when a little extra padding is needed.  As a teacher, I seem to end up at a lot of events with folding chairs, and this would probably help me be more comfortable!

For more information, you can find Comfort Cushion on Facebook, their website, and on Amazon, where this donut cushion currently retails for $13.50.
When I was a toddler, I had to have my hip reconstructed due to a congenial dislocation.  I lost some rotation in my left hip (I can't sit with my legs crossed, for example) and I often get pain associated with pressure in my hip from sitting.  The PillowEase coccyx pillow turned out to be more my jam for my hip and lower back pain. It helps support the back, and with the cutout in the back, my tailbone isn't pushing against a hard surface all the time.

It comes with two machine-washable covers (grey and black) that are plush and comfy.  I actually put one on top of the other for a little extra padding!  Also, because I didn't know that the grey one was removable.. (there's a zipper.  It's obvious, but I was just having a moment.)

You can see here that even with Mr. LitFromWithin sitting on the pillow, it doesn't flatten out or lose its shape!  I'm definitely taking this in the car for our 6-hour trip to see the family over the holidays.  It can also double as support for the head, feet, or lumbar region, but I admit that once it went under my butt on my office chair, it stayed there.  My chair hasn't been this comfortable, well, ever.  I really love it.  And, PillowEase has a lifetime guarantee on their cushion, so I can be confident I'm going to love it for a long time.

For more information, or to purchase, PillowEase can be found on Facebook, and on Amazon, where this pillow currently retails for $20.99.

Do you use a seat cushion to make your nether regions more comfortable?

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