Lit from Within: Magnesium for Muscles #earthnatura

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Magnesium for Muscles #earthnatura

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Hello, Fireflies!

When I'm teaching, I'm standing up for hours, and walking around the room. I am pretty energized by the energy of the classroom, so I don't notice how sore my legs are getting until I get home and get a chance to plop on the couch!  Sometimes, my muscles ache and twitch so much that I can't even get a good night's rest afterwards.  I would have to take pain relievers, but they wouldn't always address the muscle twinges. Then, I discovered magnesium oil.

Actually, magnesium 'oil' is a misnomer.  It's not actually an oil, but a solution of magnesium flakes in water.  It has an oily, smooth feel to it that makes it seem like it might be an oil, though.
When I started using magnesium oil, I was surprised to learn that, even though magnesium can be taken orally in pill form, it's actually better absorbed transdermally, or through the skin.  If you've never used magnesium oil before, it's best to start off slowly, and you can even rinse it off after 20 minutes or so.  It's hard to overdose on magnesium, but too much of it can cause intestinal distress.

I was pretty excited to try Earth Natura's magnesium oil, because it's mixed with essential oils.  I love using essential oils for aromatherapy.  Currently, in addition to the unscented version, they also have a lavender version, and one with rosemary oil.  I don't have anything with rosemary oil in it, so that's the one I chose to try.  I love the smell of it and find it soothing and refreshing.  It's also supposed to help with cognitive ability and reducing stress.

I was inspired by the rosemary green and the butterfly logo in creating this nailart.  The base is BG polish in Grinch, and I used LeaLac LLC-A plate and Finger Paints Paper Mache and Black Expressionism to double-stamp the butterflies.
Nothing soothes my aching leg muscles better than magnesium oil.  It works quickly, and lasts all night.  Most of the time, I only need one application to rid myself of the pain and soreness.  It's easy to use, and I love the added aromatherapy benefits.  I was so relaxed this evening after applying it to my sore legs, that I actually fell asleep on the couch!

Earth Natura can be found on their website and Amazon, where their magnesium oil currently retails for $24.97.  If you're not completely satisfied, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Have you ever used magnesium oil?

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