Lit from Within: No Curl Friend Of Mine #curlfriends

Friday, August 5, 2016

No Curl Friend Of Mine #curlfriends

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Hello, Fireflies!

There are many types of curly hair, from waves to kinky - and I have about 3 or 4 types on my head alone!  I have curly ringlets that go from my temple, all the way around the nape of my neck and up to the other temple.  The next layer up is curly, but not as tight - more like 1/2 inch barrel curls.  The curls get a little looser until it reaches the crown of my head, where the hair that grows out isn't curly at all, really, just wavy. All of it is thick, almost coarse, and heavy.  My hairdresser says I have enough hair for three people!

So, I know the difficulties of finding the right curl product. 

Curlfriends Tame Smoothing Serum is supposed to fight frizz.  Housed in a grey, plastic pump container, the clear, dimethicone-based serum is alcohol-free, thick and slippery.  It smells really good, like candy from my childhood. 
I had a lot of problems with the packaging.  The pump is slanted and slippery, and the serum was too thick to easily be pumped out.  Neither by putting it in my hands, nor putting it on a flat surface could I push hard enough on the pump to reliably get enough product out!  I ended up just taking the pump out and pouring a little out into my hands.  I ended up with really slippery hands and product everywhere.  I felt like one of those people on the As Seen On TV commercials who are unable to do the simplest of tasks, and therefore need to buy some absurd product to make their life easier. 

In the end, however, it just wasn't worth it for me to go through all that trouble.  Y'all have seen lots of pictures of my curly mop, and this just isn't a good one.  Applied on wet hair, my hair felt stringy and stiff, and too heavy.  No shine.  If I applied it on dry hair, it did a passable job.

Apparently, this product also volumizes, which may have been the problem for my hair.  Texturizing or volumizing sprays tend to leave me with this kind of straw-like texture.  This serum would probably work better for someone with thin and light curly or wavy hair.  If that sounds like your hair, then you might want to try Curlfriends Tame, which is currently available on Amazon for $16.95.

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