Lit from Within: Make An Aging U-Turn with #YouTurnUSA

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Make An Aging U-Turn with #YouTurnUSA

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

If only we could make a literal U-Turn down the aging path and start looking and being younger again.  Though, I don't want to go back to high school... maybe my 30s.  I loved my 30s.

You Turn Anti-Aging Stem Cell Cream is formulated with plant stem cells that are rich in building block nutrients.  There's also Caprylic acid, an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/anti-inflammatory, healers like Aloe Vera and MSM, and good oils and vitamins like Sunflower oil and Vitamin E.
Housed in my favorite serum packaging - a nice pump - this cream looks more like a gel and performs like a serum.  It's very lightweight, unscented, and absorbs quickly, with no sticky residue.  This kind of formulation is one of my skin's favorites.  It sucks down gels like cake at a birthday party.  It's not rich, though, so no breakouts on my oily skin!
I've been layering this with my serums, and before my moisturizer when I need a little more moisture.  Some days, I just use this as my moisturizer.  When layering skincare, the rule of thumb is to start with the lightest, thinnest product and end with the heaviest, richest one.  The heavy ones will serve to form a protective layer over the skin to keep moisture in.  So, if you're using a gel like this, apply after your cleanser, toner, and lighter serums like Vitamin C, but before your night creams and facial oils.

No makeup, no filter.. and no wrinkles.  One cute little dimple, and maybe some laugh lines. Taking care of my skin has definitely held the hands of time at bay, even if I can't do a complete U-Turn!  If you'd like more information, or to purchase YouTurn Anti-Aging Stem Cell Cream, you can find them on FaceBook, their webpage, and on Amazon, where this cream currently retails for $10.49.

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