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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cleanliness easier! #makeupbrushcleaner

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Hello, Fireflies!

I'm pretty terrible at cleaning, well, anything.  I'm a messy housekeeper, my dogs all need baths, and my kitchen always looks like I just cooked for an army.  One thing I'm trying to make a habit, though, is washing my makeup brushes once a week, and it's tools like these scrubbers from ESARORA that make it a little bit easier!

In this handy 2-piece kit, you get a large, 2-sided silicone mitt, and a small mat with suction cups.  They come in a variety of colors, but I like purple.
I have been cleaning my brushes with a scrubby that fits in my hand, and I've liked it... but this is a game-changer for me.  The mitt is big, but flexible, and I can use either side.  I admit, I don't pay much attention to the regions specifically marked for washing, rinsing, and refining, but they are useful in that the washing sections are larger and more textured, and the refining is for 'combing' the bristles back together into shape at the end.

What I really love about this mitt, though, is that, finally, my hand stays dry.  No more burning hot water, no more wrinkly, soapy, slippery hands.  I didn't think it would make that big of a difference, but for me, it did.

If you own any of these knock-off toothbrush-style makeup brushes like I do, you may have found them to be as hard to clean as I do.  They just require a little more work.  So, imagine my surprise when the first wash with this mitt was super dirty... and then the second wash was completely clean.  I was used to washing several times to get all the foundation and concealer.  Game. Changed.
Having seen all the fancy cleaning mats come on the market, I was excited to finally get to try one.  This one is fairly small and thin. I tried using it for my toothbrush-style brush, and it just pushed it all over the sink, but for the traditional brushes, it works great.  I washed some of my high-end brushes on it, like the NARS contour brush in the picture, and they came out clean and held their shape.  My recommendation is to position the mat partway under the water stream, and partway out, so that you can use one side of the mat for washing, and the other for rinsing.  Again, no wrinkly, burned hands!

If you're interested in a cute, inexpensive set of silicone tools that will help you wash all your brushes, you might like this set from ESARORA.  It's currently available on Amazon for $8.99.

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