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Friday, October 7, 2016

Serum? #Serment

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Hello, Fireflies!

I've tried a lot of skincare, so it's only natural that eventually I'd try something from Korea.  If you haven't heard of K-beauty, it's all things Korean for beauty and skincare - and they are known for doing it right.

Serment Phytoaminopeptide serum is their 'total cell cure serum.'  It has peptides that help the serum get deep into the skin to deliver nutrients, amino acids to help rebuild skin's building blocks, niacinamide for anti-aging, and it also brightens the skin and fights bacteria that causes acne.
For my aging, oily skin, this serum is amazing.  I'm always excited to see skincare that addresses the aspects of my oily skin, like that I'm still getting breakouts like I'm 14, and also aspects of my aging skin, like age spots and wrinkles.

Housed in a green bottle with a dropper, this thick serum has a light herbal fragrance that dissipates quickly.  The serum itself, however, sticks around for a while!  On my skin, it takes a while to absorb in, and is sticky until it does - so this isn't a serum I can put makeup on over.  It is a great nighttime serum for me, because it absorbs slowly and works all night to make my skin look even better in the morning.

If you have multiple skin issues like I do, this is a great multi-tasking, anti-aging, clean, bright, smooth skin serum!  It's currently available on Amazon for $36

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