Lit from Within: All Use, No Waste Serum! #Swissvita #AC-11®

Monday, December 5, 2016

All Use, No Waste Serum! #Swissvita #AC-11®

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Hello, Fireflies!

Sometimes, I want to super-customize what serums I use at what times.  And sometimes - especially when I'm traveling - I want one little tube that's going to do all the things I need.  So, on my last trip, I took with me my All-Use Skin Serum from SwissVita!

I've used several serums from Swiss Vita before, and have really liked each one.  Like the others, this one also comes in a sealed aluminum tube, for maximum freshness and protection.  I've been using this tube for about a month, and even took it to another country, and it held up great.  No punctures, crimping, or crushing, and the serum comes out fresh every time.
The serum is a light pink, gel-like liquid that melts into the skin and feels almost like a nice primer with that dimethicone slip.  It absorbs super-quickly and leaves no residue on my skin.  It layers nicely under moisturizers and makeup on my skin.
The main claim-to-fame of the Swiss Vita line is their use of AC-11, an ingredient sourced from the Amazonian Rainforest.  It helps your skin create its own natural collagen, which supports the skin and keeps it from sagging.  It also has one of my very favorite skincare ingredients, Niacinamide, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and my oily skin loves, loves, loves it.  It always seems to help me when my skin starts breaking out, and my red, troubled areas heal up faster.

SwissVita nailart started with a base of A-England Cathy, and I added stripes of OPI Over And Over A-Gwen and Glitter Gal Big Smoke.
I only took a carry-on bag with me for our 5-day trip to Mexico, so space was at a premium.  And it can get crazy in the security line, when pulling out that one bag with all the allowed liquids, so reducing my skincare was a necessary evil.  I only took a cleanser, this serum, and a light lotion for my skincare routine, and I didn't really miss having all the other stuff for those days - especially when I was so tired, it was hard enough just removing my makeup and putting on one serum before falling asleep!  When I was in Mexico, all my relatives commented on my youthful skin, and my new friends couldn't believe I am almost 45 years old.  Taking care of my skin has definitely helped me to look younger.

Mr. Lit-From-Within and me on a day sight-seeing in the Yucatan.
If you're looking for ways to simplify your skincare routine, or just want a great product to help with maintaining that youthful, firm skin, you might enjoy this All-Use Serum from SwissVita.  It's available on Amazon for $38.99.

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