Lit from Within: Birchbox - April Rainy Days

Monday, May 12, 2014

Birchbox - April Rainy Days

Hello, Fireflies!

Welcome to another subscription box review! I really enjoy getting these boxes, it's so much fun to try out a handful of new things I'd probably not discover on my own.

April showers bring.. time inside to curl up with a book, or play with beauty stuffs! 

I like this idea of a good 'book'.  It's good eye candy, anyway.  The tiny book has pictures of 6 hunky cowboys and their favorite apple treats.  Pie is the way I like my apples, and The Balm knows it!  I tried this on both my lips and cheeks.  It's a nice, sheer pinky red shade.  I liked it in both applications.  It lasted about as long as a gloss would on my lips. 

What a cute black eyeliner from Cynthia Rowley! I have an abundance of black eyeliners right now, so I didn't really try this.

I did swatch both items, though.  The black eyeliner is okay - nice, smooth line.  I've been seeing a lot of blogs talk up the new Urban Decay Perversion eyeliners, and Vintage or Tacky did a comparison of a lot of black eyeliners, and this one just seems grey in comparison.

I also forayed into dry shampoos for the first time in a looong time.  I've never tried Klorane before, but I've heard some good buzz about them.  This was a fun experience.  Again, I find myself wishing for a video camera!  For one thing, you need to spray the dry shampoo on your scalp.  So, I tried my best to part my wacky hair and expose some scalp.

Then, you're supposed to hold the can about a foot away.  I just couldn't get my hair, head, and arms to cooperate, so I had to get closer.

The spray is COLD.  Like, I jumped about a foot the first time.  Like one of those Internet Cats that springs straight up and lands on the top of the door.

It did seem to work okay, but the next day, I felt like my hair was greasier than it would have been if I'd just gone without.  Sometimes, leave-in products do that for me.  They just attract more dirt and oil.

As for the Nyakio coffee scrub and oil.. I haven't tried them yet.  Bad blogger.

The last item, the KIND bar with pumpkin seeds, was my fave.  I want a whole box of these.  They are so deliciously salty-sweet - like kettle corn.  I ate it when my husband wasn't around, and I didn't share.  Om Nom Nom. 

If you'd like to try Birchbox, I have a REFERRAL LINK if you want to give me some points.  I would also like someone to send me more of those KIND bars.  Please?

Stay tuned! My #NailArtForNubs link goes live at 9am Eastern! If you liked the studs on the The Balm Apple sample, wait 'till you see the studs on my nails!


  1. Like that little The Balm palette you got :)

  2. Klorane is a great dry shampoo! I use it lots

  3. Love the Balm palette you got. I think I got a little sample color of blush or something. Great post!!!

  4. Great post. I always enjoy the "unveiling" of subscription boxes.

  5. The Balm book looks so cool! Great box!

  6. Sub boxes are so addicting! I Love getting theBalm items!

  7. I love KIND products.. their bars and the mix.

  8. TheBalm's stuff is so adorable. Love your description of trying to use the Klorane Dry Shampoo. I'm not a dry shampoo gal so it was hysterical!

  9. I'd be pretty happy with this box with the eyeliner and the Kind bar-- yum!

  10. I love theBalm samples, they always have such cute pin up packaging!

  11. jeez, that is like the best subscription box I've ever seen. I would be ecstatic with all those products.

  12. I didn't know Cynthia Rowley is into makeups. That thebalm palette is soooo cute!

  13. The balm palette is gorgeous I almost picked it up the other day

  14. I want to try that flavor of kind bar so bad! I had the vanilla blueberry one at work and it was soo good!

  15. ooo i want to try that palette you got


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