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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I don't know if some of the NerdLacquer fervor has died down now with this last big restock, or if it just fueled the fire.  I haven't seen as many going for $50+ like before.

I managed to score one of my biggest lemmings, from the Monty Python collex:  It's Just A Flesh Wound.

NerdLacquer It's Just A Flesh Woun

It would be opaque on its own, but I did layer it over a coat of black.  Can't remember which one now, but likely OPI Black Onyx.  I love the black and silver and the occasional copper fleck, but especially the glowing red glitters.

NerdLacquer It's Just A Flesh Wound

This is two lemmings in one!  It's a two-fer!  What a bargain.

I could NOT find Sinful Colors Pistache anywhere.  I love a nice pistachio creme.  Luckily, a polish buddy had one and decided it should be mine.  Yay!

Sinful Colors Pistache

I thought it would make a great base for one of those upside-down glitter gradients with the beautiful, but awkwardly named TDBSLWCHSHITD.  It's a Lord of the Rings thang, and stands for 'The Dwarf breathes so loudly, we could have shot him in the dark,'


A little factoid that surprised me is that the actor that plays the dwarf is actually really tall, like over 6 feet tall.  His body double is a dwarf, though.

awkward glitter gradient with TDBSLWCHSHITD

I think I would have liked this better as a full-nail mani, rather than trying to blend it with Pistache.  I feel shorted on the glitter goodness.

NerdLacquer is harder to come by, but she does have a Google+ page, and has restocks on Ninja Polish and her own webstore. Facebook groups or blog sales are a good place to find them.


  1. I am sorry, but I will never pay $50.00 for any polish. LOL Especially one that is just another glitter topper. I do not mean this bad towards you or Nerd Laquers. I am just sayin...

    1. I haven't met a polish yet that I liked enough to pay $50 for, but it may happen someday!


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