Lit from Within: ERASA - The Age Eraser #erasaXEP30

Monday, July 11, 2016

ERASA - The Age Eraser #erasaXEP30

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

How do you feel about getting older?  I'm proud of every birthday - it's another year I managed to keep myself on the right side of the dirt.  On the other hand, I don't necessarily want to act - or look - my age.  I definitely keep my inner child alive and well, and while I won't let the threat of wrinkles keep me from laughing, I wouldn't mind keeping my smile lines and crinkly eye crowsfeet to a minimum!

Long-time readers of my blog probably know how much I love trying out skincare.  I've tried lots - in all different price ranges, and in many different formulations.  My skin has responded well to many of them.  But this is the first time I can remember seeing dramatic results so quickly.  This may be an expensive product, but if you're wanting to stay young at heart - and of face - you may want to try out Erasa XEP30, too.
I was pretty impressed to see that, right off the bat, this product won a 'Best Of Beauty Breakthrough' award from Allure.  This isn't your average serum that gently nourishes skin.  Of course, Erasa XEP30 has lots of skin-loving ingredients like squalane and plant oils to provide nutrients to the skin.  Blurring technology works on top of the skin; silicones fill in wrinkles and mica diffuses the light, giving a soft-focus effect to the skin.
But, this is a super-serum that uses stealthy neuropeptides to sneak ingredients past the outer layers of the skin to relax the muscles underneath.  It's like Botox, but without the injections, and without the loss of movement or 'frozen face' that injectables can cause. 
Housed in an elegant frosted glass jar with a rose gold pump, Erasa XEP30 is a thick, sticky serum that has a floral fragrance.  I find that it's difficult to spread out on my dry skin - it sticks and pulls - but a few spritzes of Rose Water or another toner, and it goes on easily and absorbs quickly.  Sometimes, I notice heat on my skin after applying it, and I might get some temporary redness, but I've never had any lasting irritation or flaking after use.

Naked face - no makeup, and no retouching. Only cropping.  You can see there's a little heat/redness on my forehead from applying the ERASA.
The biggest change I've noticed in my skin is that my dark spots on the tops of my cheeks are getting lighter.  They show up stronger in photographs than they do in Real Life, for some reason, but they are noticeably lighter now.

I've also noticed that the crinkles I get in the corners of my eyes when I smile are not as deep.  In the photo above, I'm smiling, so of course the skin folds some - but you can barely tell!  Even the lines around my mouth are softer.

Soft-focus frosted nails with a rose-gold stripe, inspired by my Erasa XEP30.  The base is LynBDesigns Flop, and the stripe is SephoraX Alchemy II.
Soft-focus frosted nails with a rose-gold stripe, inspired by my Erasa XEP30.  The base is LynBDesigns Flop, and the stripe is SephoraX Alchemy II.
I'm not yet ready for injectables, and I really think that Erasa XEP30 is reversing many of the signs of aging on my face.  And, I'm not the only one - check out these pictures and stats from a study done by AMA Laboratories.  For more information, or to purchase, you can find Erasa on their webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also on Amazon, where this serum currently retails for $160.

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