Lit from Within: New York Biology Eye Gel and Retinol Cream #NEWYORKBIOLOGY

Saturday, July 30, 2016

New York Biology Eye Gel and Retinol Cream #NEWYORKBIOLOGY

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Hello, Fireflies!

Sometimes, a product ticks all the boxes that you look for in skincare, and it works great.  And sometimes, it ticks the boxes, and for some reason, it just doesn't work for me.  I tried two products from New York Biology as part of my skincare routine last month, and both things happened to me!

Right off the bat, I thought the packaging for these products was pretty high-tech.  Shiny chrome, acrylic cap, push-button dispenser.

That shiny chrome made taking my pictures pretty hard, though!  Like most eye gels, dab it around the eye twice a day, and can be used all over the face if you want.  I kept this treatment to mostly under the eye, and on the outer side, by my cheekbones.  If I had cheekbones.
Lots of great ingredients, and like many of these smaller niche skincare brands, I love that there are no parabens or sulfates, and it's cruelty-free and made in the USA.
I loved the gel for the first few weeks I used it.  I could feel the tightening and a warming sensation under my eyes when I used it.  Which I thought was a little weird, since most gels are cooling to the touch.  After about two weeks, the skin above my cheekbones became red and sensitive to the touch, but I wasn't yet connecting that to the eye gel... until the next time I used it, when my eyes swelled almost shut.  I realized that I had developed some kind of allergy over the past few weeks!

So, this one isn't the eye gel for me.  I don't know what caused the reaction, so I don't know what to look out for.  Lots of great reviews on Amazon, but also a few that experienced redness or burning, and a similar allergic reaction to what I experienced.  As always, Your Mileage May Vary. 

On the other hand, I liked the Retinol Cream.  Still same high-tech, interesting packaging.  Though, I'm not sure how I feel about swiping the product off the dispenser.  I still prefer a good pump dispenser.
Those of you who like unscented creams, will be glad to know that this had no scent I could discern.  The texture is really nice, too - creamy, but light, and didn't break me out.  Really nice, moisturizing night cream, especially for us oily-skinned gals that can't have it too rich.
I wish I could see or feel this free-radical fighting.  I know that antioxidants help neutralize them, and that helps skin look younger, longer.  Sometimes, I imagine the little battles these antioxidants are fighting for me!  There's also great wrinkle-fighters in here, like Vitamin E and Propolis, and Aloe and Jojoba Oil for healing and soothing the skin.  And, of course, Retinol, for boosting collagen, and helping with breakouts and the damage they leave behind.

The high-shine of this packaging is matched by the new chrome powder/gel polish trend!  I loved the mirror shine I got on my nails.
I admit to liking the synergy of an entire skincare line working for me, but sometimes, I have to pick and choose what works best!  If you're interested in learning more about New York Biology, or to purchase, you can find them on Facebook, or on Amazon, where the Eye Gel currently retails for $21.50, and the Retinol Cream currently retails for $18.95.

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