Lit from Within: After You Labor, Pamper! #AntiquityBC

Monday, September 5, 2016

After You Labor, Pamper! #AntiquityBC

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Hello, Fireflies!

Today is Labor Day, a day that has its roots in the Labor movement, but has come to mean having a day off from work.  If you're working hard today, you're gonna wish you had one of these amazing soaps from Antiquity BC to clean off with afterwards!

I admit it, I've become a soap-aholic.  I love fancy soaps, with their pretty colors and amazing scents.  And there are few prettier than the God and Goddess Collection from Antiquity BC.

I asked if I could try some citrus-scented soaps, and I was not disappointed.  My favorite is the Poseidon Sea - a gorgeous swirl of white, blue, and green, and an uplifting lemongrass scent, accented with sea salt and dulse seaweed.  Isn't it the most beautiful soap?  I even love the round shape.
Apollo has such a clever design - it looks like the sun, with swirls of red and yellow and a clear glycerin center.  It smells amazing, with sunny citrus and a subtle woody note.  It quickly became my husband's favorite.  After I asked him to try both of the soaps, he stole this one and wouldn't give it back!
It's easy to feel good about using these soaps - they are so gentle, lightly foaming, and smell amazing.  And they are not only a pleasure to use, they are good for the skin, and the environment - aside from the soaps being chock-full of great ingredients, and free from synthetic colors and fragrances, parabens, and SLS, they are also vegan, made from sustainable ingredients, and certified Cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

Inspired by the gorgeous Poseidon soap, I attemped my own swirly nails.  I used Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (new version), Defy Ultra Teal, and Glitter Gal Soft Blue Transition.
Each of the soaps in this collection is visually unique, with swirls of color or carved pictures, using amazing ingredients like turmeric and charcoal, and scents from bright peppermint to heady jasmine. For more information, or to purchase, you can find Antiquity BC on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website.  Normally, each soap retails for $9.99, but right now they are having a summer sale where if you buy 4 soaps, the 5th is free, and any purchase of two or more soaps comes with free shipping with the code: ATHENA2016.

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