Lit from Within: Indecisive Tea Party

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Indecisive Tea Party

Hello, Fireflies!

Have you ever gotten all dressed up for a fancy date, and then just felt it was all wrong and started over, or changed something major about your outfit?

Well, I'm going to take my nails to a tea party, but I'm not wearing the same thing when I get there.

It started with a gorgeous scattered holo, Aly's Dream Polish Cherry Coke.  It's one of my faves of hers.  The color really does remind me of a deep caramel with cherry.

gorgeous scattered holo, Aly's Dream Polish Cherry Coke

Which is why I thought it would go with these plummy tea rose decals.  I can't paint roses for anything.  I keep trying, but in the meantime, why suffer when there are decals?

plummy tea rose decals

Except, when I applied the decals, the color totally didn't look like what I thought it did.  I mean, what happened?  I felt completely color blind.

So, I changed the color of the polish, trying to carefully paint around the decals.  I like it better with this purple holo from Girly Bits, Remember Aja.

Two outfits, one tea party! Easy-peasy.  What would you wear to a tea party? I've never been to one.  Do they still wear white gloves?


  1. I definitely like the second manicure over the first one. The purple color suits the decals more.

  2. Oh, how funny! I see what you mean. I prefer the second shade with the decals, too, but I do love that Cherry Coke shade!

  3. I actually love it with Cherry Coke! The contrast is awesome!

  4. I love the second mani better :) Since I´ve never been to a tea party then I´ve no idea if they still wear white gloves :)

  5. these decals look absolutely stunning with purple polish!

  6. I love that these decals look like roses and funky swirls all at once.

  7. I definitely prefer the purple look with those decals.

  8. I definitely like the second with the roses - but like the first one it's own :)

  9. I love the second purple with the roses, I think the look is more cohesive!

  10. The second attempt nailed it. I like how it turned out.

  11. I love both manis, but I think I like it with Remember Aja better


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