Lit from Within: It's a Percival Holiday!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a Percival Holiday!

Hello, Fireflies!

As many beautiful polishes that A-England makes, I think my fave is Percival.  It's a gorgeous red metallic.  It applies flawlessly, and can be a one-coater. 

A-England Percival

For my husband's office party, I decided to add a little sparkle with Pixie Polish Disco Peacock, a scattered holo topcoat with a blue flash.

add a little sparkle with Pixie Polish Disco Peacock

I felt very festive, and best of all, it was quick!  I am always running late when I go to parties.  Who am I kidding... I am pretty much always running late.

I felt very festive, and best of all, it was quick!

My friend, Jill, also wanted some holiday nails!  I couldn't believe that she wanted RED!  Of course, I had to bring out my best!  A-England Percival didn't disappoint.

A-England Percival

She also wanted some stamped snowflakes, which I did with Essie No Place Like Chrome, my fave silver for stamping.  Perfect!

She also wanted some stamped snowflakes

I gave her an extra-decadent flourish with SOPI's Real 18k Gold topcoat.  Now, who's a princess?  That's right, this girl.  Fancy.

What do you do to your nails to make you feel extra-special? 


  1. Pretty snowflakes! Great red too :)

    1. Thanks! That squishy stamper has made stamping fun again.


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