Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - Are you Jelly?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Are you Jelly?

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's challenge was a jelly-stamping-sandwich.  Not a PB&J sandwich, although those are quite nummy.  This invention is made by stamping a design in-between layers of a jelly (translucent) polish.

Weird, I know, right?  See if you like it.

I started out with Liquid Lacquer Spaced Out.  It dries matte, which I didn't know before I started.  It was fine for the bottom two layers of the mani, but it was kinda hard to finish the top layer before it dried.  So, word to the wise, unless you're super comfortable working with mattes, I wouldn't recommend them for a stamping sammich.

I hate to go there, but I have to be honest.  This was not Liquid Lacquer's finest moment.  I love her polishes, and have for a while.. but this one has chunks of pigment in it, which you can plainly see in the pix.  Not a good look.

Liquid Lacquer Spaced Out.

"Spaced Out" made me look to this stamp from DRK-A.  I thought it looked like a swirling black hole, or other space-y thing. 

"Spaced-Out" made me look to this stamp from DRK-A.

I used Milani White on the Spot for the stamp.  I thought that would be a good color to start with because I knew the final layer of polish would change everything.

Those of you who remember 45 records will understand that after I stamped this, it no longer looked like a black hole.  It looked like the spacer we used on 45s to be able to play them on a regular record player!

If you don't know what that is, then I have just become REALLY old to you. 

after I stamped this, it no longer looked like a black hole.  It looked like the spacer we used on 45s

One last layer of Spaced Out, and a piece of glitter in the center of the 'black hole'.  I definitely need some practice with this technique, but it has some interesting possibilities!

Bottle shot:  Liquid Lacquer Spaced Out, and Milani White On The Spot.

Bottle shot:  Liquid Lacquer Spaced Out, and Milani White On The Spot.

So, does this mani inspire you to try this technique, or does it make you want to go dig out all your old 45s from the back of your closet?


  1. I remember 45's. And spacers. And 78' s. I had my own little player too.

    1. The only player I had was Fischer Price and it played those thick plastic disks!

  2. I do remember 45s & spacers. I still have a stereo with a turntable & a few 45s & LPs in storage at my mom's house!!

    1. My dad had a turntable that he treated like it was encrusted with rare jewels. I only had a few LPs.. and I don't remember what happened to them! That's going to bug me now. My prized record was the double album of Xanadu!

  3. Replies
    1. Have you found some stamping videos yet to help you get started?


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