Lit from Within: Make Up Monday - #iFabbo and #CrownBrush

Monday, December 30, 2013

Make Up Monday - #iFabbo and #CrownBrush

Hello, Fireflies!

I can't wait to tell you about these brushes...but I'll make you wait for one second while I tell you that I'll have a second post today!  It's my #nailartfornubs post that goes live at 9am Eastern!

About a year ago, I had to be convinced to buy makeup brushes.

I know, right?  My friend Kimberly from Libby's Pink Vanity took me aside at 2012's Make Up Show Orlando and marched me over to the Crown Brush booth and pretty much forced me, kicking and screaming, to buy a brush.

I had only ever used the sponge applicators that came with my makeup before that, really.  And, ever since that fateful day, I can't get enough makeup brushes.  I've since bought more from various manufacturers, and I won't ever go back.

Imagine my glee when I got to try this set of Crown Brushes through iFabbo!  I was hoping for the purple ones, but I'm actually glad I got the orange ones (I didn't have a choice, but you do! They come in purple, white/blue, and orange.)  It's actually easier to see when they're dirty because of the bright white and orange.  I'm much better at cleaning my brushes now, and it makes everything better - from my skin to my makeup!

Up to this point, my fave brushes have been Crown's Italian Badger brushes.  Maybe not anymore.  I am absolutely in love with these brushes.  I don't own any that are any softer than these are.  They are also  synthetic and vegan friendly! Synthetic brushes are easier to clean when you're using cream products, too.

The set comes with the 6 HD Cosmetic brushes, the tweezers, and the case has a mirror!  It zips up to make sure everything is secure, too.

I am still pretty new at using lots of different brush styles, so I love that each of these is labeled with a suggestion as to what they're best for.  Of course, you can use them for whatever you want! I won't tell.

If I had to pick just one, I'd have to go with the Pro Powder.  It's replaced all other powder brushes.  I'm currently using a sample powder tin, and even that big brush gets just enough powder without getting it everywhere, and distributes it evenly and softly.  Afterwards, I can sweep it all over my face and get the excess off.  It feels wonderful.

If I could pick two, I'd also highly recommend the blender.  I'm a blending fiend now! I love it.

If you'd like more information on Crown Brush, you can find them on their web page, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram!

Don't forget - I have my #nailartfornubs post that goes live at 9am today!


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