Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - Puppy Paws!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Puppy Paws!

Hello, Fireflies!

This week's Stamping challenge was to be animal-inspired.  Not hard in this house, as I live with 4 of the 4-legged, barking, furry ones!

Here's my inspiration! Banjo, Pax, Bodie, and Lena. 

I started with Elevation River Rock, a surprising grey with purple shimmer.

Elevation River Rock

When I first put it on, it seemed like a dark, dark grey.  As it dried, the purple shimmer seemed to meld with the grey.  It's perfectly named - it really does remind me of the beautiful qualities that a plain rock can take on when it gets wet.

Elevation River Rock

The shimmer seems to integrate in the polish, but you can see it distinctly if you try.

shimmer in Elevation River Rock

I used two different plates for my mani - B116 is a plate I got for review from KKCenterHK a long while ago.  Great plate!  I took the doggy face from Mash-27.  So cute!

I used two different plates for my mani

I stamped with Essie Nothing Else Metals.  I thought the subtle purple in the metallic would go well with the subtle purple in River Rock.

Dancing paw prints!

Do you have a pet?  Would you wear animal print on your nails?


Thank you for your comments! They mean so much to me, and I read all of them, even if I don't always have a chance to respond.

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