Lit from Within: I Peeled My Face with ReFresh Gel Peel #fruitacidpeel

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Peeled My Face with ReFresh Gel Peel #fruitacidpeel

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.

Hello, Fireflies!

I remember when hearing that someone was "getting a peel" meant that they were going to a dermatologist or aesthetician, or maybe a fancy spa.  I'd never had a peel done before, so when I got the opportunity to try [Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel, I was pretty excited for a trip to my home "spa"!

[Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel packaging

I had no idea what to expect when ordering this peel, so I was happy to see that the peel was in some familiar packaging!  To apply the peel, I used the dropper to drop one drop at a time on a brush I use for face masques.  It's a little runny, so one drop at a time was enough - and you don't need many drops to cover your face.  It's thin, and spreads easily.
[Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel directions and ingredients

So, how does a chemical peel work?  According to [Re]fresh, outer layers of our skin can show premature aging because of environmental damage.  The Acids help to separate the outer layers of the skin - the most damaged ones - so that they can just be rinsed away, revealing new skin underneath.  The peel creates a controlled wound, signaling to the body to repair the skin with collagen and elastin, which makes the skin look plumper and minimize fine lines.

Kojic acid is a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and also limits melanin production, helping to reduce dark spots.  It also prevents acne as well as works to erase acne scarring, and can help prevent rosacea flareups.
[Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel uses and warnings

I like that the ingredient list is simple, and that the formula is free from parabens, phlalates, alcohol, artificial fragrances, and it's also cruelty-free. 

before applying [Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel

I took a picture of my clean, makeup-free face before applying the peel.  All the pictures were taken in the same conditions in my bedroom, and I only cropped and resized the photos before adding the text - no fiddling with lighting or colors.

with the [Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel on

I lightly brushed the peel on and told my husband to hurry up and take the picture!  Yes, that is thinly veiled terror in my eyes.  The [Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel was stinging, and it reminded me too much of the tea tree oil masque I had done that left my face with a burn.  My panic was for naught, though.  After rinsing this peel off, there was no redness, and stinging ceased immediately.

with the [Re]fresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel rinsed off
I used a washcloth and tepid water to rinse off the peel.  It came off easily - no rubbing or residue like a masque.  I was worried there would be evidence of skin coming off, but if there was, I didn't see it. My face tingled for a while afterwards, and felt fresh and a little tight, but not uncomfortable.
I can definitely see that tight, shiny new skin in the after picture.  I'm sure it will take several peels to see much difference in my pigmentation.

I was able to wear the peel for longer in subsequent uses, as my skin adjusted to the acids.  I'm sure that eventually, it wouldn't sting at all.  [Re]fresh says you can use this peel 3-5 times per week, but I'd build up slowly to that, unless you were used to chemical peels. 

If you'd like more information about [Re]fresh, or to order their products, you can find them on their website,, Pinterest, and Google+.

Have you ever used a chemical peel?  What do you look for?

ETA:  I forgot to show you my ReFresh Gel Peel Nail Art!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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