Lit from Within: I'm seeing red - Llarowe holo red!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm seeing red - Llarowe holo red!

What, more Colors by Llarowe?  Yep, we're going red today.  Red is just about the hardest color to make holo.  Let's see how you think these fare.

Runt.  This is a light red, really almost pink, sheer jelly holo.


I think this was 3 coats, and I still have VNL.  My fave thing about this polish, though, is the color in the rainbow holo.  It's really pretty.  Might be worth finding a great undie to wear with it.

really sheer light red holo, Runt.

Continuing with the stamping trend from yesterday, and also with the same MJ plate, I used Sinful Colors Gone Platinum to stamp over Runt.  Why a polish called 'Platinum' is actually purple, I have no clue.

Runt stamped with Sinful Colors Gone Platinum

Little Red Corvette.  This is a very cherry red.  I don't like the pink/cherry reds as much on me, but if you like them, this is a great color.  Unfortunately, someone drove this Corvette into a swamp, because this was the STINKIEST polish I've run across in a while. 

Cherry, stinky Little Red Corvette

Upon talking with some other ladies in the nail polish community, it seems there are random Colors by Llarowe polishes that are made with this stinky base.  And they're not all the same color.  Some said they had this color, and theirs were fine.  Others said they had colors that stank, and mine were fine.  So, spin the wheel!  No whammies!

Cherry, stinky Little Red Corvette

I thought the blue rainbow would go well with a blue stamp, so I used Essie Blue Rhapsody in this flower pattern. 

stamped with Essie Blue Rhapsody

The last red I have for you is Vamp.


This is actually closer to what I wanted Little Red Corvette to be.  For me, this is not very vampy.  It should be darker, with more of a wine or blood-red color.

the not very vampy Vamp

I felt the call for some cutesy hearts, which I stamped with another nameless Color Club in a pinkish/nude metallic color.  Awwww.

Cutesy hearts over Vamp

If you missed yesterday's post, here's the plate I used both for that post and this one. 

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the three reds:  Runt, Little Red Corvette, and Vamp.

side-by-side comparison of the three reds:  Runt, Little Red Corvette, and Vamp

Bottle shot:  Runt, Little Red Corvette, and Vamp

Bottle shot:  Runt, Little Red Corvette, and Vamp

Colors by Llarowe can be found on - as well as many other international and Indie brands.  You can also find Llarowe on Facebook.

Are you wowed by these red holos? What's your fave red holo?


Thank you for your comments! They mean so much to me, and I read all of them, even if I don't always have a chance to respond.

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