Lit from Within: Ruby White Tips- Oh, the shimmer!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ruby White Tips- Oh, the shimmer!

Hello, Fireflies!

I have some really pretty polishes and nail art to show you today.  I'm so excited, I had to bump this up in my scheduled posts!

This beauty is Jane's Lemming.  The base is ...grey? taupe?  Who cares - look at that incredible blue shimmer.  I have a LOT of polishes, and none like this.

Jane's Lemming

I decided to play off the blue, and take a tip from this pix from the Manicurator, and use striping tape and a texture to amp up the mani.  This is OPI Alcatraz Rocks! from the San Francisco collex.

stripes with tape and OPI Alcatraz Rocks!

Math sucks! Yes, in my opinion it does, but this polish doesn't.  This berry jelly has lots of blue flecks just swimming in it.

Math sucks!

This nail art is a bit outside the box for me, but I just had fun.  I liked how the glitter in NerdLacquer All Of Time And Space went with the berry color in Math Sucks! so I did an accent nail... and then another.. and then tips... and then added a blue striper.  Play with your polish!

NerdLacquer All Of Time And Space with Math Sucks!

If you follow Ruby White Tips' Facebook, you may have seen that this is one of her newest releases, Me O My O.  I received it as a prize *before* it was released! Woot!  She liked my swatch, so now it's on her Etsy page for this polish.  This is my first time that this has happened to me, and I couldn't be more flattered.

Me O My O

I saw Mr. Kitty in a blog sale, and snatched it up.  The shimmer!  Oh, the shimmer.  I couldn't resist.  It's amazing.  Also, this polish is one of the Batworld.Org polishes, and when you buy it from RWT, 50% of the proceeds goes towards helping this bat sanctuary.  Mr. Kitty (and Miss Kitty, his namesake) have a really cool story!  A rescued cat that rescues bats?

Bats eat bugs, especially mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes hurt me and spread disease.  MOAR Bats, please!

Mr. Kitty

I thought that Mr. Kitty and O Me O My O would look great together.  The color separating them in this cloud mani is Illamasqua DWS, a grey creme.

pink and grey fluffly clouds

I had a blast playing with these great polishes from Ruby White Tips.  If you'd like more information about Ruby White Tips, you can find her on Facebook, webpage, or her Etsy shop.

I must really like RWT and her bats, because I have two other posts I've dedicated to her polishes.  If you like these, please check out Girls and Bats and Bats and Bill? to see my other reviews.


  1. There all nice! I really like the first one :)

    1. Thanks! That Jane's Lemming is so pretty and unique!


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