Lit from Within: Ninja Dragons

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ninja Dragons

Hello, Fireflies!

Today, I have some polishes to show you that really glow.. and have a little bite to them! The aptly named Dragon collex from Ninja polish isn't for the shy.  These polishes are flashy and gorgeous.

In all the swatches, I have applied 2 coats of the glitter by itself on my thumb, and 1-2 coats of the glitter over OPI Black Onyx on the rest of my fingers.  The glitter is opaque on its own, but the multichrome really gets an oomph from the black undies.

Basilisk was the polish I was least excited about, but ended up really liking.  I thought, how many golden green polishes do I really need?

Ninja Polish Basilisk

I need this one!  This polish is glitters like the scales of the mythical basilisk.  Luckily, it won't turn anyone to stone.

Ninja Polish Basilisk

You may not believe that the next two pix are the SAME polish - Chameleon.  Straight on, it's a lovely mix of purple and blue.

purple and blue Ninja Polish Chameleon

You can see a hint of the golden red on the sides of the bottle, but it's nowhere on the nail, until you turn to the side, and then, BAM.  Reddish/gold with green.  A true chameleon color-changing polish!

A true chameleon color-changing polish, it turns reddish/gold with green.

For me, Komodo is the star of this collex.  I absolutely love this combination of colors in a multichrome.  The hot pink and gold just look amazing together.

hot pink and gold Komodo

Even without undies, the pink is fiery.  But add the black undies, and the gold just glows.

with black undies, and the gold just glows

Hydra is a bright teal glitter, reminiscent of the sparkling waters this mythical dragon calls home.

Hydra is a bright teal glitter

It shifts to a dark blue and bright purple.  The teal almost disappears! 

Hydra shifts to a dark blue and bright purple

Last, but not least, is Enter the Dragon.  While not a dupe for the VHTF OPI Mad Hatter, it is a similar mix of micro glitters.

Enter the Dragon, a mix of colorful microglitters

To me, this polish looks like Mardi Gras on my nails.  So many bright colors blending in and glittering together.

Mardi Gras on my nails

Are you feeling the Dragon love? I really like them all, but my fave is Komodo.  Chameleon is pretty unique, too!


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