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Friday, August 23, 2013

Around the World - Ikat

Around the world... to a type of tribal print that is common to South American cultures, but also references a type of textile design common to all cultures all around the world - Ikat.

I started with a lemming slayed - Orly Cashmere Cardigan, a dusty lavender that applied like butter and is probably one of the prettiest and most flattering polishes I've ever used on me. 

the beauty that is Orly Cashmere Cardigan

I found this great tutorial by Kayla Shevonne that helped me create my first Ikat print nail art!  I used a white striper to create the irregular triangle shapes common to this tribal print.

irregular triangle shapes common to this tribal print

Inside the white, I used a nail art brush to fill in with Zoya Sailor.  Among mainstream brands, Zoya and Orly are among my faves for consistent, lovely formulas.

lovely and easy Zoya Sailor.

The print really pops when you outline it with black, in that same wispy, irregular triangular shape. 

The print really pops when you outline it with black

It's hard to see here, but I also added a little bit of the black to the center of the triangles.

add a little black to the center of the triangles, too.

And, here's the bottle shot:  Orly Cashmere Cardigan, Zoya Sailor, and nail art stripers in white and black.

bottle shot:  Orly Cashmere Cardigan, Zoya Sailor, and nail art stripers in white and black.

What do you think of the Ikat print?  What colors would you use?


  1. Awesome Ikat print nails! I've yet to try these so I really need to get on that :D

    1. what's easier than blotchy triangles? lol. Please share them (or the link to your blog) on my wall if you try them!

  2. You make the Ikat print look so easy! Maybe I ought to give it a try after all...nahhh it would probably end up as a train wreck hahah

    1. You know you can do it! You don't even have to paint straight lines for this one. lol. I hope you try it and post a pix (and/or link) to my FB wall!

    2. It's the one that SEEM easy that throw me for a loop. Ie: when I tried to paint fireworks for 4th of july. I thought that would be a piece of cake! I was wrong...but if I DO attempt I will be sure to say I was inspired by you & post a link to your wall!

    3. I am actually right with you on the fireworks. They are crazy hard for me. Thank goodness they're making stamps for that now! lol. We should have a fireworks challenge. Prizes for best effort! lol

    4. Right!! Stamping saves the day! haha. Omg yes! hahaha I would be interested to see if anyone out there CAN do fireworks! WITHOUT a stamp!! Lol

  3. So pretty! I am really loving that Orly color :)

    1. Thank you! As many lavenders as I have, I think this one is my fave. Orly cremes rarely disappoint.

  4. Replies
    1. And pretty easy, if you want to try it. Almost can't mess it up because all the lines and shapes are kinda messy already. :)


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