Lit from Within: Funky Elevation

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Funky Elevation

Hello, Fireflies!

Today, I want to show you my husband's least favorite combination of colors.  He *loves* purple - it's his favorite color.  He *hates* it paired with green. 

I don't agree, and after seeing the gorgeous Elevation Pix de Subenuix, maybe you won't, either!

Elevation Pix de Subenuix

Look at that amazing green shimmer!  So awesome.

Elevation Pix de Subenuix purple with green shimmer

Funky Fingers Another World is a very light green base with iridescent green glitters.  It was part of a flakie line, but it's not really a flakie.  It's a wannabe.

Funky Fingers Another World flakie wannabe

It does amp up the green, but I don't know if it really adds anything to the mani.  It might have been better off without a glitter topper.

Bottle shot:  Elevation Pix de Subenuix, Funky Fingers Another World

bottle shot:  Elevation Pix de Subenuix, Funky Fingers Another World

Are you a fan of purple and green together?


  1. Love the Funky Fingers color! There pretty together :)

    1. I'm glad you think so! I think it was prettier in Real Life. These closeups show every flaw, and it's easy to wonder if I should have just left well enough alone. I am such a sucker for a flakie.. even a flakie wannabe! lol.


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