Lit from Within: Falling for Nail Art - Glittery Crunchy Leaves

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Falling for Nail Art - Glittery Crunchy Leaves

Hello, Fireflies!

For the Crunchy Leaves challenge today, I decided to go for a bomb. Glitter Bomb that is.

Daring Digits Fallen Leaves.

I started with 2 coats of Daring Digits Fallen Leaves.  Appropriate name, right? Nice green-tinted glitter with lots of micro holo. A little too sheer to be worn on its own, though.

Candy Lacquer Mulled Cider

I liked the green and brown base, but really wanted the reds and golds of dried fallen leaves, so I layered Candy Lacquer Mulled Cider over it.

Candy Lacquer Mulled Cider

  This pix is blurred a little - love that holo and gold pop!

love that holo and gold pop!

It's a simple concept, but I really love how you can see some of the green and brown on the bottom, like a forest floor, and then the bright reds and golds on top.

I wish we had color change here in Florida, but I have lots of memories of Fall growing up, too.  Now, if only the pine needles quit dropping and covering everything, that would be great!

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