Lit from Within: Glitterween, Part I

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glitterween, Part I

Hello, Fireflies!

It's almost Halloween! For today and tomorrow, I've picked some glitter polishes I had that just felt right for this time of year. 

I love the picture on The Nail Junkie Candy Corn.  Angry Candy Corn will make you sick! More than a few pieces of the real stuff, and I do feel a little nauseated, so it's pretty appropriate.

The Nail Junkie Candy Corn

I still love a milky glitter, and I love all these colors.  The formula wasn't as nice as I would have liked - it was kinda hard to get a nice distribution of the glitters, especially on my smaller nails.  It wasn't so terrible, though.  I'll still wear it again because I love the colors.

The Nail Junkie Candy Corn

I fell in love with this polish all over again when I put it on.  This is Dollish Polish I'm the Boogieman.

Dollish Polish I'm the Boogieman

In Real Life, it's easier to see the awesome golden shimmer that really makes this polish crazy beautiful. 

I got some skull & crossbones glitter from my friend Emma, and added a few. Cool!

Dollish Polish I'm the Boogieman

I doubt that Rainbow Polish Jungle Paradise was intended to be a Halloween polish, but.. well... green with orange glitters? 'Tis the season!

Rainbow Polish Jungle Paradise

This one was a little sheer.  I bet some green undies would look great.  Going lighter or darker would totally change the look, too.

Rainbow Polish Jungle Paradise

The last one for today is Pretty & Polished Blood Clot, a red jelly with red glitters.

Pretty & Polished Blood Clot

I'm kinda torn about this one.  I love the concept, and it looks great.  But the red base is just a little too cherry pink for me.  Oddly enough, it photographs darker - I wish it were the color in the top photo!  The pix below is closer to true color. 

Pretty & Polished Blood Clot

Stay tuned for more Glitter-ween Gorgeousness tomorrow!


  1. You are making me desperate for more jellies!

    1. They're pretty cool with glitter, aren't they? :)


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