Lit from Within: Glitterween, Part II

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glitterween, Part II

Hello, Fireflies!

Can you feel Halloween getting closer? I have a fun, spooky mani for tomorrow, but for today - MOAR GLITTER!

This is LynBDesigns Psychedelic Vampire. 

 LynBDesigns Psychedelic Vampire

Some vampires *are* sparkly, I guess! And, uh, purple.  Name aside, this polish is really pretty, and doesn't have to be relegated just to Halloween.

 LynBDesigns Psychedelic Vampire

Pretty & Polished Witchy Woman is a purple jelly with glitter and a purple shimmer. 

Pretty & Polished Witchy Woman

The bottle is from a scratch and dent sale, but the polish is perfect.  So purple-y!  It needs at least 3 coats, though, especially if you have long nails.

Pretty & Polished Witchy Woman

This polish was even more sheer.  365 Days of Color I Smell Children is purple glitter in a really sheer black jelly base.

365 Days of Color I Smell Children

I'm torn about using undies on this polish, because the jelly is what gives it that cool translucence.  But this is 3-4 thick coats, and I'd never be able to wear that without denting it. 

Also, I will note that this polish doesn't really smell like children.  In case you were wondering.

365 Days of Color I Smell Children

Last, but not least, Dollish Polish Vampires Coven.  Dark black jelly with red/orange/pink glitters.  Looks like glowing embers.  Pretty cool.

My only complaint is that it needs a little more glitter.. and would look great with some of those larger holographic circles, right?  Of course, they weren't a thing when this polish was conceived.

Doing these posts made me realize how I've moved largely away from glitters lately.  It was fun to remind myself how interesting a good glitter can be.  Have fun with your seasonal glitters, and don't forget the peel-off basecoat!


  1. Gorgeous! My favorite is the first one.

    1. I agree with you - that's my fave, too. Definitely wearable! Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Brings out your inner Goth. :) The jelly black glitters are pretty cool. I have a lot of them. :)


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