Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - Based On My Phone Case

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Stamping - Based On My Phone Case

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's stamping challenge was to stamp a mani based on your phone case.  My phone case is a custom that my brother had made for me with 3 of my pups on it - Banjo, the Rottie/Boxer cross, when he was a young pup, enjoying his first rawhide; Goliath the Rottweiler, my heart dog (who passed away a few years ago from Lymphoma) wearing my husband's tie (and a bad photoshop job on his eyes! lol;) and then Lena, the Italian Greyhound mix who looks like she's talking on the phone, too.  Really, we caught her right before foot-eating time.

As they are all dogs with some variation of black and tan, I wanted to play off that with a gorgeous holo I can't get enough of  - KBShimmer Run, It's the Coppers!

KBShimmers Run, It's the Coppers!

I used three different stamping plates for this mani.  The paw prints came from QA4, which also has Transformers on it.  How random is that?  The puppy face is on Mash 27.  The dog collage is on DRK-C.  I used Revlon Spirit and Wet 'n Wild Black Creme for the stamps.
I miss Goliath a lot, and it's comforting to have his picture so close at hand.  I wish I could have pix of all my dogs, past and present, on my phone case!


Bottle shot:  KBShimmer Run, It's the Coppers!, Revlon Spirit, and Wet 'n Wild Black Creme.

Bottle shot:  KBShimmer Run, It's the Coppers!, Revlon Spirit, and Wet 'n Wild Black Creme

I also have one other phone case from Julep that says, "Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails."  What do you have on your phone case?


  1. Your phone case is awesome! Love how you translated it on the nails.

  2. Your phone case is so adorable! Love the stampin' on your nails!

  3. Aw, a doggy mani, that is so cute :-D Love the phone case, too. Now I miss my dog :-(

  4. Aw, how cute! Love the phone case too!!!

  5. Your phone case looks so cute and so does your manicure! Loving them both!

  6. This is adorable! I love the stamps too!

  7. I am a dog lover... and this is totally adorable ;)

  8. Love your phone case!! The dog stamping plate is SO cool. Really looks great on your nails!!


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