Lit from Within: Saturday Sundae

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Sundae

Hello, Fireflies!

I'm a hoarder. I admit it.  I often have to fight the urge to buy complete collections of polishes from my fave Indie brands.  So, I'm happy that Cult Nails has started putting out these smaller 3-4 polish collections, because then I can buy the whole thing!  They usually have a special pre-order price, too, which lessens the guilt.

I decided to use one of her whole collections in this look.  I started with New Day, a sunny yellow creme.  Of course, it's a yellow creme, so it's going to be a little finicky.  Not too bad, though.

Cult Nails New Day, a sunny yellow creme

Somehow, I forgot to take pictures of the build up, so I don't have a picture of just Evolution, the lovely peach creme that sucked me into this collection in the first place.  The bright, bubblegum pink creme is Falling Hard.

Someone suggested that because of these sorbet-like colors, and the 'cherry' pearl on top, this looked like an ice-cream sundae.  I have to agree.

Bottle shot:  Cult Nails New Day, Evolution, and Falling Hard.

Bottle shot:  Cult Nails New Day, Evolution, and Falling Hard.

This is the best kind of sundae - never on your lips, never on your hips, and stays on your tips!


  1. These are cute! The pink and yellow go great together.

  2. YES to Cult Nails doing smaller collections now :) This was actually my first full collection purchase. Your mani makes me want to go eat some rainbow sherbet ♥♥


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