Lit from Within: Jupiter Ascending.. and on Fire!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jupiter Ascending.. and on Fire!

Hello, Fireflies!

When Purminerals put out this set for the movie Jupiter Ascending, I hadn't even heard of the movie.  I just thought the kit was cute.  So, I put together a look to show you - and some nails I think would go with it.

The eyeshadow palette has 6 colors, but I was mostly intrigued by Jupiter and Caine.  Good thing, too, because the other shades (except Night Sky) are very light. Majesty and Destiny were a little harder, too, and difficult to get much color from.
Jupiter Ascending eye shadow palette
The other two things that came in the kit were the black liquid Outer Space Precision liner, and the light pink, iridescent Galaxy Lipgloss.  The liner is gorgeous, deep black.  The lippie has great packaging with a mirror on the side and an applicator that lights up when you remove it from the base.  The color is so light on me, though.  I may try layering it, though.
black liquid Outer Space Precision liner, and the light pink, iridescent Galaxy Lipgloss
This classic neutral look really pops with that eyeliner! I believe I did use Destiny and Majesty for the lid, and they did show up a little better on my eye over primer than on my arm.  I'm pretty sure I used Night Sky as a transition and Caine to deepen the outer V.

My eyes were irritated from the day before. You should have seen what I looked like *before* makeup! haha.

I wish I had written down what I used to make the rest of this look! Bad blogger.  I did use the Purminerals Galaxy lipgloss.  And I had just done my hair with the Kimble Beauty hair masque! Feels like a no-makeup makeup look almost!

I paired this simple, light makeup look with a juicy raspberry and gold nail art inspired by @naildecor.  I started with Cirque Colors Arcane Fire, a raspberry pink with flecks.

Cirque Colors Arcane Fire, a raspberry pink with flecks

I used a striper brush to apply Maybelline Bold Gold.

Maybelline Bold Gold

I had two sizes of gold glitter pieces from Dollar store finds.  I put the larger piece in the center, and flanked it with smaller gold hexes. 

Very sunflower/sunburst-y!

Bottle shot:  Cirque Colors Arcane Fire, Maybelline Bold Gold

Bottle shot:  Cirque Colors Arcane Fire, Maybelline Bold Gold

The only thing I know about the Jupiter Ascending movie is that it stars Channing Tatum.  Does this makeup set make you Channing all over your Tatum? What about the nail art?


  1. Looks like some nice beauty products! Love the nails especially with that gold design to it.

  2. I love that kit from Pur! The nail design is perfect with it, too.

  3. This kit looks great! And I just LOVE your manicure! It looks gorgeous!

  4. I have been eyeing that kit! And the nail art as always is great!

  5. Jupiter is my favorite shade from this palette. I like how you matched it with your polish.

  6. Cirque! Love that brand and I love that lippy. Yes, it's sheer but it lights up!!

  7. Cute kit! I've never heard of the movie but that lippy is so pretty!

  8. Very nice palette and love the nails!

  9. You look beautiful and I love the nails. I can't bring myself to buy this palette set even at the cost. I don't know why but I'm just not wowed by it, ya know. lol

  10. Loving the nail design. I like the shades in the palette, especially as we transition to fall soon!!

  11. That nail design is too cute for words!

  12. Your gorgeous mani stole the show from the palette. Like you, I have no clue w/ this movie. Is it sci-fi or what?

  13. I like the more pigmented shades! I also like that raspberry nail color :)

  14. I am loving what you did with your polish here!

  15. I need this palette and LOVE the mani in this one!


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