Lit from Within: GOT Me Some Lime Green Buttons

Thursday, July 10, 2014

GOT Me Some Lime Green Buttons

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's GOT challenge is pretty simple! I put on Nubar Sour Apple, a bright lime green, and placed these ginormous button-esque studs on! 

When I order these things off the Interwebs, the studs seem like normal stud size, but when I get them, they're Amazonian/Gigantor studs.  Who are the people who can wear these?  I mean, I know I have small nail beds, but one button covers almost ALL of my middle fingernail.

I took these off right after I took the picture.  There was no way I could function with these things on! What do you think of these huge nail studs?  Should I just put backings on them and turn them into earrings?


  1. I like the stripes on those studs but they look so big!

  2. i think earrings would be a great idea! maybe you could wear these if your nails were suuuper long, but it's a little much :D


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