Lit from Within: Orange is the new

Friday, July 4, 2014

Orange is the new

Hello, Fireflies!

Do you remember that really cool turquoise gradient nail art that I did a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away?

 turquoise gradient nail art

I mean, yesterday?  Well, I built a look around it to go hang out with my friends and watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black!

My little green monster decal is peekin' out from behind me.  He has a blue friend hiding behind my head. They have cartoon bubbles that the husband and I use to write notes on.  I thought you might want to know this.  Fun behind-the-scenes tidbit!

My face makeup started with my trusty stable of Cover FX products, including the Mattifying primer, the Eye primer, the BB Gel, and the Setting powder, which I used to warm up my face as a subtle contour.  Jouer blush in Dahlia, which is one of my new fave cream blushes, gave me a little color, and so did Too Faced La Creme in Believe.

For my eye makeup, I used the Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty palette, which I'm now a huge fan of. I love these buttery eyeshadows! I also used my Physicians Formula black liquid liner, and Rimmel ScandalEyes RetroGlam mascara. 
I tried the Mally Poreless Face Defender for the first time, instead of powder.  It still dried with a powdery finish on me, and looked a little more cakey than I would have liked.  I'm going to try it with a different combination of products next time.

Because I'm watching this show with friends, and we made a pact to ONLY watch it together, I still have a few more episodes to finish season 2 - so no spoilers, please! It's killing me already to not binge watch it, but I do try to be a woman of my word.

Are you having viewing parties for any shows? Do you cheat and binge on your own?


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