Lit from Within: Review: Beauty Box 5 - March

Monday, April 7, 2014

Review: Beauty Box 5 - March

Hello, Fireflies!

It's April! You know how I know? Because I'm going to tell you about a sub box I got in March!

I've been getting a few subscription boxes.  The surprises can be fun, even if I don't always like everything that comes in the box.  Here's what March's Beauty Box 5 looked like:

March's Beauty Box 5

Here's the card that talks about everything in the box:

March's Beauty Box 5

I flatter myself that you want to hear what I thought of everything!

I liked the Tree Hut creme.  As long as I get boxes, I will never run out of lotion.  I think I get one every time.  One day, I'll just fill the tub up and soak in it.  This creme smells so nice, with a hint of coconut and lime (you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all together, you put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better)

Tree Hut creme

Another full-sized product that everyone was excited about was this makeup base from BellaPierre.  It's a multi-purpose base - shadow primer, concealer, and illuminator.  The texture is kind of like a creme blush - a little bouncy, kinda dense and smooth.

BellaPierre multi-purpose base - shadow primer, concealer, and illuminator.

I'm not sure why companies think that us curly-haired folks want more mousse, but that's what Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse is.  I actually think it's more of a foam - it's liquid in the container, and then there's an aerating pump, like some of the liquid soap dispensers have.  It wasn't bad - my hair was a little crunchy, but the curls held for a day.

It does smell really good - I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was like a candy I used to have as a kid.
Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse
There were two semi-duds in the box.  Jane's Pick soap sent a teeny sliver of something.  They didn't bother to check the box for which kind of soap they sent, but judging from the *overwhelming* aroma of eucalyptus, I'm guessing it was the Gentle soap.

Eucalyptus, to me, smells like bug spray.  Not something I want to clean myself with, which was just as well, because I got one use out of it before it fell apart into mush.

Jane's Pick soap sent a teeny sliver of something

The last thing in the box is a dual-sided facial pad from Swissco.  There is a side with soft terrycloth, but the handle is sewn into that side, so if you want to move it out of the way, it puckers up the pad.  The side with loofah is so rough, I can't imagine using it on my face.  I am a delicate flower, you know.

dual-sided facial pad from Swissco

In case you were wondering, the mani I'm wearing - NOT included in the box - is Illamasqua Freckle with accents of LA Girl Spatter.  I was going for a nude/blue look, but I actually don't like how it came out. The nude is the wrong color for me.

the mani I'm wearing - NOT included in the box - is Illamasqua Freckle with accents of LA Girl Spatter.

What did you think of this month's box?  Some makeup, some haircare, some lotion, one thing I'll have to re-purpose, and one thing I didn't like.  Not bad for about $10.  I definitely got my money's worth!

If you think you'd like to try Beauty Box 5, and you want to throw a little referral love my way, click HERE for my referral link.

I have some cool Chucks #NailArtForNubs nailart going live at 9am Eastern - hope you'll come see what the ladies with nubbins and I are doing this week!


  1. This month's box looks very nice! All the products are a great size too.

  2. Can't complain because overall it's still a good box for only $10!

  3. I would have loved to try the mousse :)

  4. I got this box also. Wish I knew what scent my soap was.

  5. I actually tried the mousse and it just didn't hold for me.

  6. I need this beauty subscription. Everything looks so great!!!!

  7. You got some nice items!

  8. Not a subscription I would like but it looks like you got interesting items in it.

  9. This looks like such a great subscription! I think I need to get on board.

  10. MMMM coconut lime!! I want it!

  11. I have this box and loved quite a few of the products especially the makeup base, it conceals amazingly!

  12. I DO like reading reviews on sub boxes. I like the polish you got. The BellaPierre base didn't work for me because it stayed greasy.

    1. Polish was my own - not included in the sub box. It was what I decided to put on to showcase the box, though!

  13. This looks like a great box, and I love seeing these types of posts!

  14. My box was almost exactly the same!

  15. I want to try the facial pad! It looks awesome.


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