Lit from Within: Brights'll Poke Your Eye Out

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brights'll Poke Your Eye Out

Hello, Fireflies! 

Did you think I was going to show you some cool nail art today? April Fools! Just some regular stuff, like I always show you!

Is this not a bright, sexy pink?  What else would you expect from a collex named for Gwen Stefani?  OPI Hey Baby is a pink I like wearing, and that's saying something.

OPI Hey Baby is a pink I like wearing

I love a little glitter on the tips, so I picked out LynBDesigns Darwin, from the way-back of my untrieds stash.  She hasn't used these bottles in a while, but it's actually one of the things that got me to try her brand.  I think they are cool.  

LynBDesigns Darwin

I actually 'finished' the mani here, and went out to run some errands.  I try to wear the same mani on both hands if I'm going out.  People think I'm weird enough as it is, ya know?

But this is a tri-polish challenge, right?  So, I put on some tape and painted yellow spiky triangles with Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow.  The bright colors! They burns! I'm not ready for summer yet, lol. 

The problem with doing a tape mani with a light color is that you have to put a lot of polish on.  And the more polish there is, the more chance some of it is going to bleed under the tape.  So, some of my spikies are actually more sort of wobblies.

Bottle shot:  OPI Hey Baby,  LynBDesigns Darwin, and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow.

Bottle shot:  OPI Hey Baby,  LynBDesigns Darwin, and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Do you have strong feelings about polish bottles?  I've heard some say they only buy uniform bottles, some like unique shapes.. do you have a preference?


  1. I love the blue glittery polish!

  2. I love the addition on Mellow Yellow! It's so punchy!

  3. Very cute mani! I LOVE that pink color!

  4. I need that pink in my life. Simply beautiful!!!

  5. This mani is gorgeous! I love the mix of subtle gradient and geometric colorblocking :)

  6. I adore Hey Baby. I like different bottle shapes. They make polish fun I usually like symmetry and balance but I don't mind different bottle shapes, as long as I can group those different bottle shapes together. :D

  7. No, don't really have a polish bottle preference. I do dislike bulky handles for the brush.

  8. Hmm I kind of like Essie bottles since they're square but I hate the brush. If I could combine the OPI brush with the Essie bottle, it'd be perfect

  9. I ran to Sally's and couldn't find any discounted OPI, but I love that pink so much I might have to get it full price.

  10. Bottle shapes don't really concern me, as long as they aren't too tall to stand-up in a Helmer

  11. Cute. That looks like a little body suit or something

  12. The yellow accent is a nice addition! I love the bright colors you used.

  13. They all look so pretty! Like everyone else, I am digging the yellow as well.


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