Lit from Within: Neapolitan Dipping Dotticure - #NailArtForNubs

Monday, April 28, 2014

Neapolitan Dipping Dotticure - #NailArtForNubs

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's look was inspired by jessuhhhkuh on IG.  I loved the pink base, and the way she did the triple dots, but I wanted to change up the color scheme a little.  I didn't realize I was going for a Neapolitan Ice Cream look, but that's what happened!  Who wants ice cream?

SephoraX Invincible is a pale, pale pink creme.  This was three coats - typical patchy pastel, but I think it leveled out okay in the end.  One of those classy neutrals that looks good with everything, but I am not really classy enough to pull off.

SephoraX Invincible

I used Laura Mercier Bare Mocha for the first layer of dots.  I love this chocolate/taupe kind of color.  So soft and pretty, and the formula was really nice, if a little thin.  I got this in a set from Hautelook, which has become my go-to site for Laura Mercier products.

Laura Mercier Bare Mocha

Revlon Spirit was the white I grabbed for the next layer of dots... and promptly dinged my hand on something.  How I ever finish a nail art is beyond me, I can never keep from banging my hands on everything in sight.  Luckily, we have another layer of dots, and they will be strategically placed!

Revlon Spirit

That bright pop of pink is Seche Snapdragon.  Love! What a bright, cheery pink. 

Seche Snapdragon

I'm always amazed at the transformation with topcoat.  All the dots just melt into one layer. 

Bottle shot:  SephoraX Invincible, Laura Mercier Bare Mocha, Revlon Spirit, and Seche Snapdragon.

Bottle shot:  SephoraX Invincible, Laura Mercier Bare Mocha, Revlon Spirit, and Seche Snapdragon

Here's your personality test:  Which do you see? Dippin Dots Ice Cream, or deranged, crazy pink eyeballs?  Which will you see when you close your eyes tonight when you go to sleep?

If you missed it, my DermOrganic review went live earlier today! Check it out HERE.


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