Lit from Within: Water, Water, Everywhere - Use Them For Decals!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Water, Water, Everywhere - Use Them For Decals!

Hello, Fireflies!

I have a couple of looks for you today that I did with water decals courtesy of Born Pretty Store. 

First, I have to show you this multichrome from Dance Legend called The Knight.

Dance Legend multichrome The Knight

I have never seen a polish change from purple to gold before!  Wowza. 

Dance Legend multichrome The Knight

I ordered it directly from Dance Legend, but Llarowe also carries it.  A polish this unique and classy deserves some nail art that's just as classy, right? 

I received some water decals for review from Born Pretty Store, and they have been a nail art game-changer!  Water decals are super easy to use.  You may be able to tell that the decals are only as big as they need to be to accomodate the picture.  So, when you cut it out, you don't have to cut it out exactly around the picture.  The decal is smaller than the square I've cut out.
Soak the decal in a little bit of water (enough to submerge the sticker)  and in about 20 seconds, remove it from the water.  It should slide right off the paper backing.  Use your finger or tweezers to hold the sticker.  Wet your nail so there is some slippage, and then place the sticker on the nail.  As long as the nail is wet, you should be able to move the sticker around to get it right where you want it.

Boom, there it is! Fancy nails in about 5 minutes.

I did another example with China Glaze Santa Red My List, a red metallic foil.

China Glaze Santa Red My List, a red metallic foil

See? You don't have to be precise or use the decals in any particular order.  You can cut them all out at once, or just pick out the ones you want to use. 

I chose a couple different kinds of bows, in different sizes.  They are so easy to put on - you can clean up any excess with a brush and some acetone, and then they come off with your polish when you remove the polish. 

If you're nailart-challenged, you may love all the things you can do with water decals.  Have you tried them?

If you'd like to go shopping at the Born Pretty Store, feel free to use my coupon (GVX31) for 10% off! Born Pretty Store can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and their blog.


  1. I love decals like these! And that Dance Legend! WOW!

  2. Those decals are fun! The bows are cute.

  3. Omigosh the decals are so awesome and I love Dance Legend - sweet!

  4. Loving decals . the easiest way to add this little extra to your manicure!

  5. Decals are so great for those that are no good at nail art!

  6. Love the decals, they make this mani look so neat!

  7. You have the cutest nails... From the Dior ones to the bows!

  8. love those dior decals


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