Lit from Within: Grungy Candy Striper Stamping

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Grungy Candy Striper Stamping

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's AIS challenge is 'negative space'.  Mine's more of a 'fail space'.

I thought this swirly pattern from Cici & Sisi 12 would make a great negative space mani, but then I realized that none of my nails were long enough to make the pattern fully realized, and it just looked like slightly off-kilter stripes..

Rica Blackout, Ain't It Peachy? and Cici & Sisi 12

So, I stamped again with Rica Ain't It Peachy, and got this kind of Grunge look.

I also used Rica Blackout for the stripes.

Beetlejuice with a soft side?  Candy striper from the '90's?  Stamping fail? Can't all be winners!

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