Lit from Within: All About That Clay with Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All About That Clay with Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Because I'm all about that clay, 'bout that clay *pore cleansing*
All about that clay, 'bout that clay *rash helping*

Let me be pretty clear, I ain't twenty-two,
but I got oily skin, and zits a'plenty, too
I love the clay that helps me to erase
all the big pores and all the blem-ish-es!

Obviously, this Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay isn't your ordinary clay, though it looks like dirt.  Finely milled powdery grey dirt, though. Not only does it draw debris out of the skin as the clay swells and absorbs moisture, 100% Sodium Bentonite has a natural negative electrical charge and attracts positively charged molecules to it, which most toxins have.  So this clay does double-duty at pulling toxins and debris out of the skin.
The recipe called for a 1:3 ratio of clay to water, but I found it very hard to mix evenly without adding more water.  It just wants to clump up.  Keep mixing, and you'll be rewarded, though it never got completely smooth for me. I may mix it with a little apple cider vinegar next time, just to get it started, as I remember using that to work up another DIY clay masque.

I use old foundation paddle-style brushes for all my masques now - I find them to be pretty useless at applying foundation anyway, but they are genius at mixing up and applying thick masques.
Because I'm always testing new skincare, changes to my routine aren't always immediately obvious on my skin, so I enlisted my husband in this review.  I'd noticed that his skin was getting rather lackluster, and the mask he wears with his CPAP machine was giving him really big pores on his cheeks.

I couldn't believe the difference on his skin.  His pate was smooth and soft, and not oily like usual.  His skin was so soft, and his pores were clean.  It was like he'd had a facial peel or something!  I'm definitely asking him to masque with me more often.

I really liked this, too.  It tingles, but not painfully so.  It seemed to help bring this stress-induced cystic pimple on my chin to the surface, and now it's finally healing.  I find that some of the best masques I've tried tend to bring pimples to a head - except for when I had the steaming facial.  I imagine that if I opened the pores up ahead of time with steam, it might be an even better experience.

Me and Mr. LitFromWithin having a couples' mask with Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay

Because the Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay also says its good for rashes, I asked my husband if I could put it on a new eczema patch that has erupted on his shoulder blade.
Hubby's eczema rash using Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay
The general redness is actually from lighting in a different room, the mask didn't make his skin red.  In fact, it has really seemed to help.  He did say that his skin felt a little tight and itchy right after the mask, but after moisturizing with a little Emu Oil, the rash is no longer so dry and scaly, and not as angry.  It's healing pretty quickly, and has only itched once since the treatment, which is amazing. 

It's supposed to be great on other skin irritations like burns, insect bites, and the like.  After seeing the husband's relief from his eczema, I'm definitely trying this clay next time I hurt myself.  You can also use it in the bath, or as a foot soak. 

Or, you can use it as inspiration for nail art, as I've done here.  I used Novel Nail Polish Tan In A Can, a tan holo, as the base, and China Glaze Unplugged to make the dot pattern.  I took Wet 'n Wild Black Creme and a small nail art brush, and did my best to replicate the pattern on the edge of the jar. 

nail art inspired by Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay

If you'd like more information about Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay, you can find them on their website, Facebook, and on Amazon, where this clay retails for $22.95, but is currently on sale for $12.95.  They have a 100% Money-back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, too.

Have you tried clay for either masks, soaks, or poultices?  What have been your experiences with it?

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