Lit from Within: Gone in Sixty Seconds - A Guest Post from Nicki Zevola of FutureDerm - and a Giveaway!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gone in Sixty Seconds - A Guest Post from Nicki Zevola of FutureDerm - and a Giveaway!

This is a guest post from Nicki Zevola of, a blog dedicated to the science of beauty.

Typically, I'm a fan of the slow-and-steady approach to getting things done. When I started running again, I started at 4.0 mph (yes, I realize that is pretty much walking), and increased 0.25 mph each run until I got back up to speed, so to speak, at 6.5 mph. When I started dieting, I cut 200 calories per week, rather than going through the whole "yes I'm juice fasting and don't speak to me" thing for a few days.

When it comes to wrinkles, I'm typically an advocate of the slow-and-steady approach as well: Steady use of ingredients like retinol, vitamins C and E, other antioxidants, peptides, amino acids, and sunscreen lead to consistent results over time.  But then a product like the Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser ($19.95, comes along. With ingredients like sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate, this wrinkle eraser is tops for instantly erasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and providing the temporary look of a little bit of a "lift." It lasts for one day, and leaves no residue. For more on the ingredients and my personal opinions (and to enter the giveaway), read on!


Sodium Silicate


In anti-wrinkle products like the Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser, sodium silicate glides across the skin in a uniform liquid film. The film is then permitted to dry. As the product dries, there is a bit of a "contraction" on the skin, as the sodium silicate tends to pull on the skin and make it appear tauter.  However, sodium silicate also has effects when completely dry. Once dried, sodium silicate lifts the skin up and the fine skin wrin­kles beneath are, in effect, lifted to the skin surface.

Sodium silicate makes the Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser truly seem like a miracle, because the wrinkles are slightly pulled upward as the silicate dries, and the wrinkles are plumped to the level of the surface of the skin after the silicate dries.  The overall effect? A smoothing action.

In 100% concentration, sodium silicate is an astringent. In pure concentration, sodium silicate may be irritating  (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2002).
However, in concentrations typical to a cosmetic product (generally less than 10%), sodium silicate is a nontoxic [pH] buffering agent, as well as a temporary wrinkle-lifter and plumper. In these concentrations, sodium silicate is non-irritating to the vast majority of people (International Journal of Toxicology2005).


Magnesium Aluminum Silicate (Purified Clay)


Magnesium aluminum silicate, better known as simply purified clay, is used to absorb excess facial oil (Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics), as well as to thicken up a skin care or cosmetics product.

In a product like Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser, magnesium aluminum silicate increases the wrinkle-filling and plumping action of sodium silicate. For instance, if sodium silicate were used alone, while drying, there would be a smaller amount of surface tension between the skin and the solution, so there would not be as much of a "lift." Even more significantly, if sodium silicate were used alone, once dried, there would not be as much of a "fill" within the wrinkle to lift it to the surface. Magnesium aluminum silicate "bulks up" the wrinkle, and provides a beautifully even surface.

Studies have shown magnesium aluminum silicate to be non-irritating (International Journal of Toxicology, 2002), and it has been demonstrated in at least one study to be gentle enough for sensitive skin (European Kaolin and Plastic Clays Association).


Is There Any Long-Term Benefit?


Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser also contains a compound called Actifirm TS, which is comprised of both Echinacea Angustifolia (Purple Cone Flower) Extract and Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract.

Together, these agents provide some degree of (you guessed it) firming action, as well as some antioxidant protection. However, the greatest effect of Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser is the temporary one-day-per-use lifting and plumping action.


Personal Use and Opinions


I don't have many wrinkles yet (please don't think I'm bragging, I spend most of my time in an area where there is next to no sun and have used retinoids, antioxidants, and sunscreen since I was 19). So I gave this product to my 70-something mother to use, who said:
"This was amazing! I loved how it lifted my skin up. It was especially great on the little wrinkles around my eyes [crow's feet]. Definitely using this all the time!'
"Can you get me another one? Thanks honey! Love you." (Aww.)

But with all due seriousness, if you're looking for a temporary cosmetic fix for your fine lines and wrinkles, Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser is a great one, and it provides a smooth surface for makeup.

I personally think it works better with water-based makeup (rather than oil), so apply it after your skin care oils and sunscreen. That said, if you want to remove it, any facial cleanser will do, but I find it washes off easier with an oil-based facial cleanser.


Bottom Line


Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser is a superb wrinkle filler and plumper with sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate (clay) and Actifirm TS, and I'm proud to be giving away 250 to my readers!




Water, Sodium Silicate, Glycerin, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Propylene Glycol, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid, Echinacea Angustifolia (Purple Cone Flower) Extract, Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract, Red 33, Yellow 6, Red 4.


How to Enter the Giveaway


You must enter using the widget below with a valid email address. By entering, you may receive promotional materials from FutureDerm and the sponsor of the giveaway, AminoGenesis. Continental U.S.-only (sorry!)

Thank you! The first 250 to enter will receive a free full-size Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser ($19.50 value), including shipping and handling.

Thanks, Nicki!  And, good luck, Fireflies!

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