Lit from Within: Blue and Purple Quatrefoil Wallpaper

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blue and Purple Quatrefoil Wallpaper

Hello, Fireflies!

I'm working on my third 'wallpaper' pattern for the NCC challenge this month.  I've seen a few nail artists do different versions of this Quatrefoil pattern, and I thought it would make a neat pattern to try as wallpaper.

I started with Azature Blue, an unbelievably sparkly, gorgeous medium bright blue. 

Azature Blue, an unbelievably sparkly, gorgeous medium bright blue

I made the pattern by taking a large dotting tool and Azature Lapis Diamond, a periwinkle cream, and making a 4-leaf clover-type pattern all over each nail.  The outer edges of each circle are to lightly touch the neighboring circles.

With a smaller dotting tool, I made a smaller version of the same pattern inside each Quatrefoil, using Azature Plum Diamond, a shimmery royal purple,

Bottle shot:  Azature Blue, Lapis Diamond, and Plum Diamond.

I really liked how all the different colors and textures came together in this pattern!  Maybe a bit bold for a wallpaper for me... but I'd totally do this in a shower curtain.  Somehow, I doubt that will be an NCC challenge, though...

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