Lit from Within: A Bit of Sunshine In A Bottle #DalviaVitaminD3

Friday, January 9, 2015

A Bit of Sunshine In A Bottle #DalviaVitaminD3

Hello, Fireflies!

When I was a kid, my mom was into pushing lots of vitamins on the family.  I think I might have taken 10+ every night at dinner.  Well, some nights, I was able to sneak them into the trash, or flush them down the toilet, but mostly, I took a lot of pills.  And, I grew to hate taking vitamins.  Even now, I try to make myself take a multi and a C, and maybe one or two more, but most nights, they still sit there.

I suspect I am deficient in many vitamins, but one I'm pretty sure I don't get enough of is Vitamin D.  I don't drink that much milk, and I hole up in my sunless cave most of the time.  I thought it was pretty genius that I could get some Vitamin D in liquid form with Dalvia Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops.

Dalvia Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops instructions
Vitamin D3 helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus in our body.  By assisting in the absorption of calcium, it can help maintain bone structure.  Known as the Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D can help boost your mood and energy levels, especially when you don't get much sun on a regular basis.  According to Dalvia, there's been a lot of research on Vitamin D3 that suggests it helps in faster recovery for those suffering from dementia, depression, thyroid problems, tuberculosis, diabetes, and may play a role in cancer prevention and helping with infertility.

Being a liquid, your body can digest it faster, getting the Vitamin in to your system sooner.  And, there's over 2000 dosages in the bottle, which means it's going to last a while.  My husband has been taking it with me, and it's still going strong.

This supplement is really easy to take - just put a drop on your tongue, or a few in whatever you're drinking.  It doesn't really have much of a taste, but it does feel a little oily on the tongue.  The only part I personally had to work at is where it says it's better to take with a meal with some fat in it.  I would have to make it a habit to take with meals.  It's not really a problem, per se, just a habit to form.. like taking my other vitamins!

I couldn't tell you if I was under the influence of the placebo effect, or it really works, but I did feel better on the days I took it.  I felt more like I wanted to accomplish things, and I felt a bit lighter.  Even though I live in Florida, I don't get a lot of sun, and I think this can really help me get that ray of light I need, especially this winter, where it's actually been cold here!

I did a little bit of Dalvia-inspired nailart using Sally Hansen White Tip, and tape art with LURE 302 and OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay.  The logo, I painted with the OPI, Sally Hansen. and also Cult Nails Flash, and Black Dahlia Lacquer Dandelion Fields.

For more information, or to order, you can find Dalvia Wellness Labs on their website, Facebook, and on, where the Vitamin D3 drops retail for $34.99, but are currently on sale for $19.97. If you're not happy with your purchase, Dalvia offers a 100% money-back guarantee, too, and you don't have to ship the bottle back.

How do you get all the vitamins you need?

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