Lit from Within: Blemish-Busting Makeup Favorites!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Blemish-Busting Makeup Favorites!

Some products provided for review, and some purchased by me.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

As little as a year ago, I felt like the only woman on the planet over 40 still getting pimples.  I know now that pimples don't end with puberty, and there are lots of different skin types out there with lots of different concerns.

I have to admit, since following the Tsecret oil cleansing method once a day, my skin has never been more clear, and if I skip a couple of days, I can tell the difference.  I still need blemish zapping and covering products in my arsenal, and I've gathered a few of my favorites to show you!

Blemish-fighting makeup faves from Cover FX, OFRA, and Mario Badescu

Probably the biggest breakthrough I had in understanding that aging, oily, blemish-prone skin didn't make me weird, or untreatable was the first conversation I had with folks from Cover FX at an event hosted by Phyrra.  I have been a big fan of their product line ever since!

I've talked about their Mattifying Primer and Blemish Primer and brush before.  All summer long, their Mattifying Primer was my go-to.  For full-coverage concealment, I go for the power triad - the Blemish Primer with their brush, and the Blemish Treatment Concealer.  The Blemish Primer Brush is anti-bacterial, so it doesn't spread the pimple around, and the primer itself helps to kill the pimple while providing a base for makeup to cover it.  No one likes that flaky look you can get when a pimple is healing, and the makeup just makes it look dry and cakey.  There's no better way to hide that pimple than by using the Cover FX blemish concealer.  It's definitely full-coverage makeup.  No cosmetic will hide that there is a bump there, but the redness and flakiness will be hidden while you're killing the pimple-causing bacteria.

Cover FX BB Gel

For a light to medium foundation coverage, which is my favorite, I reach for the Cover FX BB Gel, another skincare-as-makeup product. I never know where the next pimple is going to spring up, so this gentle gel helps kill the bacteria all over my face. I did a comparison of their BB Gel and CC Cream, too.

At The Makeup Show Orlando, I was lucky to talk with Marcelo, the lead chemist who developed one of my new favorite liquid lipsticks, and also this amazing tinted Drying Lotion from OFRA.  We've all seen the dual-phase bottle with the clear liquid and the pink sediment at the bottom - this is better, in my humble opinion.  First of all, it's tinted (they currently have 4 different skin tones), so you don't have to only wear it at night, or figure out how to cover it with makeup.  Second of all, you shake it up on purpose and apply with a dropper, so you don't have to carefully avoid tipping the bottle, or having cotton swabs to apply it.  Thirdly - it works.  Fast.  Love, love, love this stuff. 

swatches of blemish-fighting makeup and treatments from Cover FX, OFRA, and Mario Badescu

Even though they aren't makeup, I can't talk about blemish products and not mention Mario Badescu, who make some great, affordable skincare.  When I get one of those deep, painful pimples, there's nothing like putting some Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion and Drying Cream on it.  I haven't found anything that works faster or better.

Cover FX Calming Primer

Even though Cover FX Calming Primer isn't a blemish treatment, I'm giving it an Honorable Mention.  If you have rosacea or other skin reddening or sensitive issue, this stuff is pretty awesome.  For those of us who occasionally indulge in strong blemish-relieving products, there can sometimes be a backlash of redness and irritation.  Sometimes you just can't wait for that to go away before you have to put makeup on.  This primer can help with the redness and sensitivity.
Cover FX Calming Primer instructions, ingredients
 What is your HG blemish-solving product? 

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