Lit from Within: Geometric Color Blocking

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Geometric Color Blocking

Hello, Fireflies!

Time again for another installment of NCC Copycats! This month, we're recreating some of our fave manis done in the past by other NCC members.  Today's is a recreation of a geometric mani from A Little Polish.

I started off with a base coat of Orly Highlight, a pale grey, then covered the bottom 2/3 of the nail with CoverGirl Mint Mojito, then added a stripe of ELF Skinny Jeans.

Stephanie said hers was a modified version of another blogger's mani, but I liked her version better.  The original had the middle stripe go all the way from nail bed to tip, instead of just over the  edge of the second color. 

This is a striking, yet simple mani, and I was able to do the nail art on both hands and wore it out to lunch with a friend.  She said my hands looked so different when they were moving because of the way the nail polish looked! I thought that was pretty cool.

Bottle shot:  Orly Highlight, CoverGirl Mint Mojito, and ELF Skinny Jeans.

Bottle shot:  Orly Highlight, CoverGirl Mint Mojito, and ELF Skinny Jeans.

These kinds of geometric manis are some of my favorites to do and look at! Stephanie's nails are longer and almond shaped, which makes this mani look totally different, too.  What do you think?

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