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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Skin Souffle

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

If you caught my other review on some gel-tastic Oz Naturals products I did, you might have figured out that you're in for another rave review on this Olive & Jojoba Oil Nourishing Souffle.  Which sounds like something you'd eat, not rub on your skin, doesn't it?  As organic as it is, I wouldn't recommend eating it, though.

I love testing products like this, because the minute I read, "massage" on the label, I know I'm going to ask Mr. LitFromWithin to help me test it.  He's very particular about the types of massage lotion he wants to use - he's not fond of drippy oils, and they have to be the right consistency - not so hard as to take a lot of work to rub in, and not so thin that they absorb before the massage can happen.

We were both very pleased the way this lotion performed! It's a whipped product, but it's not airy.  It has substance, but not too much.  It's the perfect massage lotion - no pilling, and no feeling like a greaseball afterwards, either.
Oz Naturals Olive & Jojoba Oil Nourishing Souffle
It's a nice hand and body lotion, too.  It's the kind of lotion you can keep by your computer and use without getting your keyboard all greasy.  I detected only the faintest scent that reminded me of olive oil, or maybe it's the herbal infusion.  It's very subtle.

I love purple, so I decided to use the packaging as the basis for my nailart today.  I used A-England Crown of Thistles as the base, and then created the rounded frame and tree using a white striper.
OZ Naturals Nourishing Souffle is organic, free from alcohol, parabens, and sulfates, is cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

For more information, or to purchase, you can find OZ Naturals on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, where this souffle is currently selling for $26.49.

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