Lit from Within: Satin Chevrons

Friday, April 10, 2015

Satin Chevrons

Hello, Fireflies! Time for a little palate-cleansing nail art with Zoya Satins.

Not a matte, and not quite a wax finish, these Satins have an eggshell-like finish to them.  I am wearing Sage over a clear gel basecoat, which helps smooth out my nails.  Otherwise, I'd suggest a ridge-filling basecoat if you don't have smooth nails. 

There seem to be two camps on these Satins.  For some people, they never dry.  Like, sheet marks in the polish hours and hours after application.  For me, they dried really fast, which meant that they didn't self-level as nicely as I'd like.  They can look a little lumpy if you try to put on a thick coat.  So, I recommend thin coats, and work quickly.

I applied some chevron nail vinyls and then painted over them with Zoya Leah, which I thought was grey, but it's kinda lilac-ish.  As you can see, these polishes are not so happy with the nail art.  They show every imperfection, every smudge.

Answer? Topcoat.

Not perfect, but topcoat makes everything better.  It's like Windex, if you've ever seen 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'  

Bottle shot:  Zoya Sage and Zoya Leah, and some black chevron nail vinyls.  I can't remember where I got these, but why did they separate each chevron?  If they had left the middle ones in, I could have had twice the decals.  Seems a waste.

On the plus side, I love these frosted Zoya bottles, and I love the colors and even the eggshell finish.  They are a great palate cleanser.  On the negative side - they either don't dry for everyone, or you need to use topcoat, which changes that lovely eggshell finish.

What do you think? Do you like the satin finish?

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