Lit from Within: Butterfly Garden, Waiting

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Butterfly Garden, Waiting

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's Sunday Stamping challenge was to use to plates that corresponded to our birthday month and day.  I pulled out one of my first stamping sets - Red Angel - and picked 102 and 109, because I was born on February 9th, if anyone wants to send me a birthday present..

I thought that this single flower and the full nail stamp kinda went together. 

I really liked this pastel crelly glitter from Maya Cosmetics, Imagine, and I thought it would look good with lilac stamped flowers, but there really isn't enough contrast.

I know there's some controversy over Mundo de Unas polishes, but I wanted to see for myself.  Lilac actually has a perfume smell that is kinda weird, but not nausea-inducing.  It's true that you only need a small dot of the polish, and I was actually able to get a couple of stamps out of one drop of polish before it dried.  The polish is thick and takes a long time to dry, so the stamper can actually pick up too much polish and that makes for a smushed and messy stamp.  Definitely a new process and one that takes a little trial and error.

I like to think of this mani as a little butterfly garden, blooming and ready for the butterflies...

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