Lit from Within: Ride, Sally Ride

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ride, Sally Ride

Hello, Fireflies!

Today is the last day of the Challenge Your Nail Art Space Challenge!  I grew up knowing about Sally Ride, but I didn't know she had her own day.  And, I learned a little more about her while doing research for this challenge.  The More You Know...

I started out with an inky blue flakie background of Maya Cosmetics Crush, then I added a few more sparkles with Profound Opals, the polish made with real ground up (synthetic) opals.  On my pinkies, I experimented with Max Factor Fantasy Fire, but I didn't want so much red for the whole mani.

I really struggled with what to do for nail art for this challenge.  Sally Ride made so many contributions to our space program - the first American woman in space, the first woman to use the robot arm in space, the first known LGBT astronaut..

In my head, though, I kept hearing the iconic bridge to 'Mustang Sally" - ride, Sally, ride! and so it stuck.

In the stars, Sally, ride on.

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