Lit from Within: Sleeping Zen #deepsleep

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sleeping Zen #deepsleep

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

I do love me some aromatherapy, and I love getting a massage, so trying out this product was a no-brainer!  My husband doesn't normally like to use oils, though, so I had to convince him to give this a try. 

I'm very lucky that Mr. LitFromWithin helps me test products, especially when it's massage products!  I am a huge fan of massages, and they're even more special when they come from him. 

This oil is a blend of essential oils in a carrier base of Grapeseed, Jojoba, and Sweet Almond.  This blend gives it a thicker viscosity than most bath and body oils I've tried - not as thick as castor oil, but with a nice weight to it that makes it perfect for massage.  It warmed up nicely in his hands, spread easily, and lasted long enough to not need constant reapplication during the massage.  Not a fan of drippy oils, my husband actually liked the consistency of this oil, and said he would use it again, and would consider repurchasing it - high praise from him, indeed!

The smell is like a relaxing cup of sleepytime tea.  It's heady with marjoram and lavender, with the sweetness of chamomile.  It's a very relaxing scent that can be used not only for massage, but also added to a warm bath, added to a diffuser, or even placed on a compress or pillow to help you drift off to sleep.
On Amazon, the packaging for this massage oil has changed, but I liked the Tree of Life and did an abstract version of it with glitter.  Sinful Colors Snow Me White was the base, and I used Orly FX Star Trooper, a gold and brown glitter, for the roots, and Sinful Colors Shamrockin' It, a green and white flower glitter, for the canopy.  A fun twist on the French Tip.  Tree tip? French Tree?
If you'd like more information, Zen Living can be found on their website and Facebook.  This oil is currently sold exclusively on Amazon for $23.85.

Do you use aromatherapy to help you sleep?

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