Lit from Within: Scents For A Reason, Or A Season... #1byoneHumidifier #candlewarmers #fbclove

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Scents For A Reason, Or A Season... #1byoneHumidifier #candlewarmers #fbclove

Press Samples.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

It's time again for a Saturday with a little Something Different.  I've explored aromatherapy before here on the blog, and today, I want to share with you some new ways I've found to enjoy it!

There's a whole world of wax warmers and scents out there, and I'm happy I got to try this fragrance warmer from Candle Aire and the Spiced Apple scented wax.

The warmer itself is large, sturdy, and easy to put together and use.  There's just the base with the cord (and on/off switch) attached, and the perforated lid.  The base has a well that the fragrance tin slips perfectly into, with a flickering light in the middle that looks just like a candle flame, but there's no fire!
I love to burn candles in the winter, but my father is always worried that one of my dogs will knock into the candle and burn my house down.  With this fragrance warmer, there's no flame - and the exterior of the warmer doesn't even get warm!  Usually, I have to limit using scents to the wintertime, because it's just too hot in Florida to burn candles any other time, but I'm excited that I can use this warmer year-round.
Mr. LitFromWithin was thrilled with the Spiced Apple scented wax (not included with the warmer - they have lots of different scents to choose from, but this scent was included in my press sample.)  This fragrance will last a long time - it's bigger than my hand! There is a heady smell of cinnamon and apple that quickly fills the room, and in about 20 minutes, I could smell it on the other side of the house.  I have to say, this system is not for small rooms - I've never had any candle or fragrance fill my whole house before this one.  I couldn't believe it! 
I like the rustic look and feel of this clay pot warmer.  I don't think it's supposed to be, but I think the top design looks like paw prints!  It would be perfect on a fireplace hearth, or on a coffee or end table.  From outward appearances, it looks like a candle holder with a softly flickering candle.  Even though it's powerful, you can't even hear the fan inside the warmer. 
The Candle Aire Fleur de Lis warmer is available on Amazon for $39.99, and the Spiced Apple scented wax is also currently available on Amazon for $17.99.  They have many varieties of scents, and lots of different warmers, too.

I've been enjoying using an oil diffuser for a while now, but this was my first time using a humidifier with an aroma diffuser slot in it. Instead of putting the oil in with the water, there is a little drawer with a felt sponge that holds the scented oil.
This humidifier by 1byOne is really clever!  It's bigger than my diffuser - it holds 2.8 Liters of water, or about 10 hours at the max setting.  I have been using it at a lower setting in a small room, and it is so quiet, I hardly know it's there.  It holds enough water to run all night, but when it gets low, the LED indicator will change colors.  When it's empty, it will automatically shut off.
There are some really nice details on this unit, including a rotating cap on top.  I really like that I can adjust the nozzle to direct the mist where I want it to go - much nicer than having to turn the whole device, or move it out of the way.  It also comes with a water filter, so you don't have to worry about using plain old tap water in it.

Unlike a regular diffuser, I can change the scent as often as I want to - and if I don't want to mix them, I can just use a new piece of felt in the diffusion tray.  I love having the option to use scent with the humidifier - adding a little eucalyptus or peppermint when I have a stuffy nose, or a nice citrus scent to hide doggy odor, or even a little lavender or chamomile to help calm the mind and relax at bedtime.  There's even a nightlight feature, with optional LEDs that either rotate through different colors, or can be kept on one color. Even if it runs out of water and shuts off, the nightlight stays on!

It's like a cute little alien egg!  That smells nice.  For more information, or to purchase, the 1byOne Ultrasonic Humidifier and Cool Mist Diffuser is currently available on Amazon for $36.99.

Even though we're heading into Spring, my house smells a bit like Fall, what with the Spiced Apple, and also a new essential oil I've been using - clove!

First Botany Cosmeceuticals is a company whose products I've been enjoying getting to know!  Yesterday, I reviewed their Tea Tree Oil body scrub, and I've previously reviewed their Niacinamide face toner.  They are guided by the principles of nature, and use lots of natural and green ingredients and processes.
It's important to note that this oil is from the clove LEAF, not the bud.  Traditionally, clove bud oil is used as an antiseptic and analgesic, especially for mouth pain.  This essential oil is for external use only, so don't ingest it.  It's also a little weaker than clove bud oil, so you may find that it doesn't need as much carrier oil if you want to use it topically.  Clove oil has warming properties, and can feel really nice in a massage blend.

First Botany packaged this clove oil really nicely - the amber glass bottle protects the generous 4 oz of oil from light, and the glass dropper is perfect for dispensing this thin oil.  This oil has a wonderful clove aroma that works really well in a diffuser  My favorite way to use it is to mix it with orange essential oil.  Just like studding a an orange with cloves!

I was inspired by the warm colors and scents when doing this nailart!  The base is Color Club Burnt Out, from their 'oil slick' multichrome collection.  I made stamping decals with Finger Paints Black Expressionism and plate BP-L007, and filled them in with Glitter Gal Tan Line.
You can find First Botany on their website, and on Amazon, where their Clove Essential Oil currently retails for $14.50.

What are your favorite ways to scent your life?

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