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Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Different Kind of Tea #MatchGreen

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Hello, Fireflies!

Something Different Saturday is back!  Today, I baked something.  In the microwave.  Still counts.

I've talked about Matcha before, but mostly drinking it.  That was ceremonial Matcha.  This is culinary Matcha - a slightly lesser grade of the dried, ground green tea leaf.  It's great for mixing into lattes or using in cooking - all the health benefits, and a slightly cheaper price tag than the ceremonial kind.
Maya Organic Matcha is organic, lead-free, high-quality matcha, with a gorgeous, chlorophyll deep green color.  Matcha is full of healthy anti-oxidants, so you can not only eat it, but you can mix it into skincare for added benefits.  Even though it has caffeine, it doesn't give you the same rush as drinking coffee or soda because of the tannins it contains.  They interfere with the absorption, giving you steady energy, with no crash.  Matcha doesn't taste like a brewed green tea, really.  It has a thicker mouth-feel, and an earthy taste and smell.  Most people find matcha to be slightly sweet.  I find it a little bitter on its own, but I love everything sweetened. 

When I found this recipe for a fun version of the inflatable bread that Rey makes in the new Star Wars movie, I had to try it.  It gets its otherworldly green color, as well as earthy flavor from a touch of Maya Organic Matcha powder!
Even better, you make it in a mug, in the microwave!  I loved it, and have made it again for a quick dessert.  It takes minutes to measure out the ingredients, and cooks for 45 seconds in the microwave!

If this doesn't interest you, Maya does send an e-copy of different Matcha recipes you could try, along with your purchase.  But, why wouldn't you want to try this sweet microwave treat?  For more information, or to purchase Maya Organic Matcha, you can find them on Amazon, where it currently retails for $22.70.

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